Still lovin'

"Stuff Christians Like"

I love this guy's blog that I told all my readers about, called "Stuff Christians Like". I have to be careful not to read this blog when I'm in any serious setting where I'm supposed to behave, (LOL) because I absolutely burst out laughing when I read his stuff. I can't help it!

He's got some awesome posts this past week and I encourage you to read all of them but one that I particularly enjoy is the one where he talked about Christianizing your Facebook. Here's one particularly funny excerpt:

On Facebook, you can put a little message by your name, allowing people to know where you are or what you're doing. Don't just say something like "Matt is stressed out from finals." Write something a little longer like, "Matt is stuck in the moment, the moment when my eyes will look up to the Son, the Son that's always been there for me, arms around my life, for now and evermore."

Do you know how many Facebook and Myspace "updates" I've seen like that? I had to ask myself if I do anything that sounds as cheesy...

Please go read this site if you haven't already and I promise it'll become some of your greatest weekly entertainment.