So proud of my girl

Today "Coach" Michele blogged about Savanna over at her blog. I came home from work, walked a few miles and then settled down for some reading. Savanna was laying down next to me as I was reading Michele's blog and I read it to her...and started crying.

No, I'm not typically an overly emotional sap or anything but when it comes to my kids I sometimes do get emotional particularly if it's something about their spiritual growth.

You got me, Michele. (GRIN)

Savanna had an ear to ear grin the whole time we were reading the blog.

Just to show how much she's grown since we came to Northside...

Here's a photo of her when we came, and then one of her more recently. She was only 5 when we came here...can you believe it?

In case you don't know it already, I'm a HUGE supporter of Sunday School/Christian Education. I'm always beating this drum with our Northsiders. I have been teaching SS for 25 years (since I was 16) and I really believe in the importance of it, not only for children but for adults. Learning God's Word on a deeper level and and memorizing it is SO important. Thank you, Michele, for being such a faithful and caring teacher!

p.s. back to the weight loss series tomorrow...just interrupted today again to tell you about my kid and how proud I am of her...


Deborah said…
Well done Savanha, Deanna she is beautiful, they grow up so fast our princess turned 15 this passed sunday. Your a wonderful mom. Love always and hope to pop an email off to you soon.
LAURIE said…
Deanna, You have a beautiful daughter! and hiding Gods Word in her heart also....that's all the joy a momma's heart needs. -Blessings, Laurie
Anonymous said…
And if she ever decides to become a pastor someday, between JBQ and Mpact, her credentialing test will be a breeze...I speak from experience :o). It's amazing how much our minds retain - especially when it comes to the Word of God!!!!
Unknown said…
Way to go Savanna! PD, I know you must feel really proud. My prayer is that my children will know and love Jesus all the days of their lives. Glad to see that your Savanna is letting Jesus shine His light through her. Be Blessed!

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