Just a few more reasons I love Florida

I took a few pictures on my most recent walk through the neighborhood, on my new camera I got for Mother's day...just thought I would share with you some sights I took in...

New plants at the gate of my neighborhood...the landscaping in our neighborhood is amazing ~ they put new annuals in everywhere throughout the development every 5 months. It's a golf course neighborhood so they are always grooming the grounds. I love walking here.

I love the birds here in Florida. We have a lot of sandhill cranes that just walk around in our neighborhood and also at the church. Dustin and Larry just love them. They call them their "girls". One of Dustin's favorites was killed by a car a few months ago and he just cried...that tenderhearted boy of mine.

I love flowers...what girl doesn't? They just planted some new orange and white flowers in the median of the main road through our development.

Fountain in our neighborhood...

Oh, the wild joys of living...
The leaping from rock up to rock
How good is life, the mere living!
How fit to employ
all the heart and the soul
and the senses forever in joy!

~ Robert Browning