A word in due season

"A man has joy in an apt answer, And how delightful is a timely word!" Proverbs 15:23

Today I got a word from the Lord through my dear friend, Pastor Tara Sloan, pictured at left. It was very personal and had to do with other people, not just me...so I'm not sharing the word here at least at this moment. But my point today is this...

A word in due season when God prompts you is so important. In a recent post I shared about how Cassandra and Sharon also e-mailed me with a word one day, not a "thus saith the Lord" type thing as Tara did, yet a very timely word of encouragement. Cassandra felt an overwhelming urge from the Lord to go to her computer and write it at a certain moment and that moment was really crucial to me.

Don't ever hesitate to SPEAK when God gives you an ENCOURAGING word. Don't hold back and don't be too busy to share it! You have NO IDEA how you will change someone's day or their life!!!

The other day I was going about my daily routine and felt an overwhelming urge to pray for my friend, missionary Barb Kuert who is in Kenya. I interceded for her and then followed it up with an e-mail telling her what the Holy Spirit prompted me to do. She said that she had just come back from a trip to the coast and was very, very sick. She was in desperate need of prayer and my e-mail was a great encouragement to her.

The other thing is to not be afraid to share something no matter how stupid or crazy the details might seem. Often things people have thought are insignificant or crazy have been just the confirmations I, or others, needed to hear!

Thanks Tara, for being an ever encouraging, sensitive friend. I love you!


Deborah said…
I so agree with this, how many times do we get something and because of the time pressure of life we dont give it to someone, I really hope that as we all make time to pray for someone that we give them the words of encouragement we feel for them. wonderful to be able to connect and read your articles with my morning coffee, your one for sunday was awesome, I got my sunday church in by visiting your blog, we are going to Rivers church on sunday AOG! love always me
OOOhhhh! Awesome! Is it close to your house?

I would love to visit you sometime and I'm not kidding! As you know I've only been to East Africa so far. But I love it. My heart is aching for it there this week...I have had it on my heart so much.

Be blessed my friend...
LAURIE said…
What a great encouragement and reminder to us to be obedient when God places someone on our heart.

I have a regular habit of sending a few cards out to women in the church each week. I ask God to place one or two ladies on my heart that I can reach out to and when their names come to mind I make sure I send them a note, and it never fails, next time I see them, they will often say, "thank you for the card, it meant so much to me, it came the day I needed it the most."

Sometimes, our simple acts of caring ministers greatly!

I appreciate your heart for ministry...- Laurie