Wednesday Night Reflections

Well, she's gone.


Brooke is gone from American Idol. No more pouty lip. Now we just have to watch Syesha, Jason, David and David duke it out to the end. My two favorites are the David's. Love 'em both. My "little David" as I call him just gives me chills when he sings. Crazy 'bout that kid!

Had a good day today at work and an even better night at church. I'm telling you, we had a fantastic night at Northside tonight. It was a mixture of quite a few things - worship, praying for people at the altars, great teaching/interactive time, several visiting families, and good attendance. I hear it was great in other parts of the building too with the kids/teens.

Even better I came home and found this comment on Myspace from Bobby, one of our "sons" who is often hanging out at our home. (He met our sons in high school and ended up coming to the Lord through this...) Bobby says the following today: Momma Shrodes - i owe you and Poppa Shrodes a lot. if it wasn't for you two, i don't think i would have been able to find God on my own. you are an amazing mom and you are always there for me when i need you. i know i bug you guys a lot but hey, it wouldnt be the same if i didn't. looking forward to seeing you guys at church on sunday =]

Wow folks, that makes it all worth it. No, I don't mean the "bugging you guys" part -- quite truthfully Bobby doesn't bug me. I love him to pieces and it's a privilege to be there for him. What is "worth it" is day to day ministry in general. We all go through our hard times. The past few days I talked to a pastor friend who is just being beat up like crazy about some stupid petty stuff and I was encouraging them. Uplifting other pastors and pastor's wives through encouragement and prayer is one of my all time favorite things to do.

We all need to remember...some people really do listen to what we say. Through our faithful ministry others are making changes in their lives. There are those who are watching our example every day gleaning from it. What we do is WORTH IT even on days where we don't know if we have the strength to go on. That's when His grace and strength carry us where we could never go ourselves.

If you are a leader who is reading this and you are wondering if you can keep going one more day, just remember - you are making a difference in the lives of the Bobby's of the world and they will never forget it. Allow God's power to fill you and empower you to keep going, for His glory.

p.s. 11 more days on my fast! Woo hoo!