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This weekend in ministry

Friday was my day off and believe me if you know anything about me you know that in order to be ready for my upcoming week and especially for the sake of the anointing on Sundays, I desperately need that day. On Friday I met Rosemay (my doctor/friend/church member) for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. It was good. I had a yummy salad and french onion soup, sans cheese and bread. :-) We talked until we were talked out and then I went home and shared the rest of the day/evening with Larry and the fam.

Saturday was life coaching, my small group for mentoring. Always a good time of dealing with real life stuff, and moving forward to new levels. Susan took a photo Saturday and I'm sharing it here. Candy was the only one missing but everyone else from our current group was there. I am amazed at how different ones are coming along. It also blesses me so much when they share different resources with one another to help each other out. With a team effort, much is accomplished that we could never do on our own.

Today was good but it's been a difficult week of spiritual warfare for both Larry and myself. We have had so much to pray through - a great battle in the spirit, and we know God is on the verge of doing something awesome. The enemy fights it so much because he knows we are fasting and praying and God is about to pour something out. For some reason the sanctuary was without electricity yesterday and TECO had to come out several times. Last night they finally got it fixed, so we were ready for today. Keep in mind this never happens on a Tuesday, a Thursday...or any other time but Saturday night or Sunday.

Things like this, in my opinion, are never a coincidence. The enemy is defeated, but that doesn't stop him from kicking and screaming. He tries to slow the people of God down and get out of his punishmentt, but he won't. We've taken his job. He was the worship leader in heaven - got booted out and now we've taken over. And we won't let up. We ARE victorious. We will praise the Lord straight on through to the victory. We WILL triumph. Through Jesus, we win.

We did a new worship song today, "Hear us From Heaven" (old to some, new to us) and it flowed really well. Larry preached on revival as part of our "MORE" series. Some takeaways from today's sermon:

** We have not because we ask not - and when we do ask many times it's with the wrong motives.

** Have we gotten to the point where God's spirit moves and we say to ourselves, "yeah, I'm used to this..." and we are lacksadaisical and don't even get broken by lost souls anymore, nor excited when they come to Christ? Does it still hurt you when people fall away from God?

** You can't have a miracle until you have a huge need.

** Are we living safely versus living courageously?

** We have to stop analyzing and trying to be safe all the time.

** Being safe doesn't qualify you for a miracle.

** God wants to deliver "worry addicts". (This was for me today!)

We have choir practice tonight and then I'm stopping to get everything to make Savanna's birthday cake when I get home. Can you believe she's 11 tomorrow? And she'll be in middle school next year? A - May - Zing! She's my "little momma". She loves kids. Yesterday she told me she wants to open a daycare when she grows up. Of course she also wants to be a missionary to France. Maybe she'll run an orphanage or daycare in France? I dunno, but whatever the case, she loves babies! She would love for ME to have another baby. That's not possible nor would Larry agree to that anyway. But, one of her favorite things is watching little Addison from church. She asked the other day if we could adopt her. Of course I told her Ms. Tina would never, never go for that! But she watches her every chance she gets. Yesterday she came to the church while I was at life coaching and she watched the baby. She loves babies...always has. It warms my heart to see her care for them in the way that she does.

It's going to be a busy week coming up, so much going on as far as work and personal appointments and many decisions for me to make. Not to mention the spiritual warfare...dear Jesus...the spiritual warfare. All of you pastors and pastors wives know that it NEVER lets up, especially if you are determined that you want MORE of God.


Melissa said…
WOW! What you shared tonight about the spiritual warfare and satan not liking the fasting going on is right on! Our church is on a 30 day fast, Sean and I are doing the Daniel Fast. This week has been a week of nothing but warfare! It gets emotionally tiring to endlessly pour in and get hit with endless small hits let alone the big ones. satan must be really scared with what is about to happen in our church as well! Keep fighting for Jesus!
Deborah said…
Hi there sweetie pie how are you doing, your girls look like a bunch of dollas I would hang out with, have a wonderful week and hope you get everything done on your list. love always me

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