It's a Blog Party!

I'm really excited about the new and improved Assembly of God blog ring under the leadership of it's founder, Sharon Snavely. What a great job she is doing of uniting people on the web. I'm so proud of her for all the hard work she has done on this landmark project.

To celebrate all God is doing through the new update, Sharon is throwing a blog party and several bloggers including yours truly are giving away door prizes!

Please check it out here.

Also if you are a blogger and you are affiliated with the Assemblies of God, I greatly encourage you to join not only the blog party, but the blog ring!


Sharon said…
I'm at a loss for words. Thank you so much.
Anonymous said…
Hey PD is this something I can do also or is it just for ministers?
Not sure what your question is...

1) If it is can you participate in the blog party by signing up? Yes, anyone put their name in to receive a prize.

2) To give a prize? I am not sure you can write to Sharon and ask her by going to her blog page. I think you can.

3) Those on the blog ring just need to be affiliated with the AG. I believe you qualify for you that since you are a member of an AG church. You do not have to be a pastor, just be affiliated somehow. You would probably be under "individual" or "Mom" blogs as far as categories on the AG blog page.

Just go to the blog ring and sign up. You can join by going to the bottom right hand corner of my blog page...go down to where it says AG blog ring and join and click join.

I am sure Sharon will answer anything for you as well if you have further questions, just click on her screen name above.