Crying my eyes out

Okay, so it's 1:50 am and I'm just getting ready to go to sleep but I'm still feeling too awake to put my head on the pillow just yet. I need to let my head clear.

I have been sitting here bawling. Not for a bad reason though. I've been after Dustin to take time to watch I am Sam with me. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Tonight he agreed after he got off the phone with Casey he'd watch it with me but it was late when we started. We sat there on the couch together and watched it and I boo-hooed my head off as I normally do. :-)

At least Dustin appreciates it with me. Jordan says, "Mom, I don't know why you're crying. That message of that movie was nuts. They should have never given him that kid! He clearly wasn't equipped to handle her..." (Um, some days I don't feel equipped to handle my kids or much else...)

Dustin understands why I find the movie so heartwarming, on so many levels. But his practical analyzations are funny. He says, " did he have time to do all this and work all those jobs? I mean, he had Pizza Hut and walking the dogs and how did he find time for all of that? Do you really think that's realistic?"

I dunno. I just watch the movie and enjoy it. :-)

Praise the Lord and pass the kleenex.