It's cold here in Tampa Bay right now. Nippy to the point where I was wearing two sweatshirts to walk last night when I got home from work, and tucked my hands inside the sleeves as I walked as my nose turned red. It's kinda nice. I didn't sweat even though I walked real fast and didn't feel all yukky when I got home though it was still a good workout. I have been walking about 3 miles a day, every day but Sunday. (Here's another photo, from one of my recent walks in my neighborhood.)

Spring break is over for the kids now and it's back to school...back to "normal life" at least until the summer hits...

We went to the office yesterday morning and were in the rhythm of our 50 day fast -- today is day 24. We are almost half way there. I must say this is probably the longest it's ever really felt like I'm on a fast. (I've done the 50 day one several times as has Larry.) Sometimes it's easier than others, for some reason. Pastor T has said it feels very easy for him. I'm one of those people that don't find it easy, but very profitable spiritually. Every morning it's the same thing - wake up, make a smoothie and start the day. We have already fried one blender...yup, it burned up. And promptly bought a new one because we really can't do without it on a Daniel Fast.

Last night I layed down with Savanna watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 (one of her favorite shows) and planned to take a bubble bath in my big tub but never made it there. It had been a long day at work. Mondays are always a challenge for me. Nevertheless I got six important projects done, plus staff meeting. I resisted the urge to open my briefcase when I got home. It's a never ending temptation that I too often give into. I'll admit, I do get a ton of work done at night. There's simply no way I could ever finish it in office time. And I work most Saturdays, but that's not a complaint. It's such a blessing to serve. But along with that, I try to balance it out with plenty of time with my family, snuggling, eating, watching our favorite shows, talking, and doing things for me like walks and workouts. Not that I have everything balanced, nor do I think that's reality anyway. People say, "how do you balance it all?" The answer is, I don't. I've attended some seminars/workshops in the last few years but by very respected people in ministry who have stated - true balance isn't really possible, but you learn about discerning what is needed at any given time. My friend Pastor Jennifer Lee says, balance isn't possible, but you do have to learn to juggle. Most of us who have been in ministry for a significant number of years have become really good at juggling. We not only pick up a lot of balls other people have dropped, but we keep our own original ones going at the same time.

Sometimes we get tired, but remind ourselves of what a blessing it to serve God and His people. We GET to do this!


Cassandra said…
Cant tell you how much I needed that reinerated to me today. I won't even go into all here but thank you, thank you, thank you. I dreamed of finally getting to come to your church and meeting you last night!! lol Wouldnt it be about time after five or six years?
Anonymous said…
LOL!!! I guess warm weather is relative - it's COLDER here than it is in Tampa, and I'm going barefoot today :o).

You are right about balance - sometimes it's all about which fire is blazing the MOST out of control and needs to be put out first. To quote your daughter's favorite show (one of my favorites as well!), though: "It may be a crazy life...but it's OUR life!"
Amen and amen ladies.

yes it is a crazy life, but it's OUR life!

So true.
Sharon said…
Deanna, I bet the weight is coming off with the fast, walking, and shivering! :0) (Hey, shivering burns calories too!) LOL You'll have to share some of your smoothie recipes!