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Been a while...

Got this from my friend Pastor Leanne over at Musingsnstuff. I haven't done one of these mindless surveys in a while and need some zone out time desperately, so here goes.

What is your name spelled backwards?

What did you do last night?
I cooked supper, walked a few miles, watched American Idol, and spent time with Teeby.

What was the last thing you downloaded to your computer?
A preaching podcast to listen to on my next walk.

Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? No.

Last time you swam in a pool?'s been a while as far as a pool. Can't remember...I do the beach more than the pool.

What are you wearing?
Black pants, pink shirt, silver jewelry

How many cars have you owned?
One. And only. She was incredibly special.

Type of music you dislike most?

Are you registered to vote?
ABSO-FREAKIN'-LUTELY! To not vote or be registered to vote is an absolute slap in the face to all the sisters that went before us and worked so hard for the right to vote.

Do you have cable? No. Satellite

What kind of computer do you use? HP Pavilion Laptop

Ever made a prank call?
Yes, I have. One call stopped me FOREVER. Never again. When I was a teenager friends would dare me to sing (knowing I love to sing and will do some outrageous things). So, at a PJ party they dared me to look funny names up in the phone book and we found one that was Mr. Felix somebody, and my friends said, "call up and sing that song, "Felix the Cat, the Wonderful Wonderful Cat." So you know how PJ parties go, you do zany crazy non-sensical stuff . I called the number and as soon as the lady answered the phone I burst into the song and sang the whole thing through and then when I was done she solemnly said, "Honey, I'm sorry, Felix is not here. He was my husband. He died last summer." I burst out crying said I was sorry and hung up the phone. My husband always said maybe SHE was playing a joke on me but I don't think so. She sounded so genuine. I never made a prank call again. I'm serious.

Do you like anyone right now?
I like a lot of people!

Would you ever go bungee jumping or skydiving?
No, no no. A thousand times no.

Furthest place you ever traveled?
Nairobi, Africa

Do you have a garden? No, and sadly they aren't allowed in my neighborhood. It's against the HOA rules. They're very strict here. But I am thinking about growing a few herbs or veggies in some larger flower pots on my back patio. Jordan would eat hundreds of dollars worth of tomatoes if I let him. I always have to limit him. I would like a tomato plant or two if I could get away with growing it here. You know some people in this world try to get away with growing pot. I'm not trying to grow drugs, I just want to grow a few tomatoes, but in my neighborhood the HOA police might getcha for that.

What's your favorite comic strip?
I don't have one. Not really into comics. Cartoons yes, comic strips not so much.

Do you know all the words to the National Anthem? Yes

Do you shower in the morning or night?
Sometimes both if I work out, but always in the morning.

Best movie you've seen in the last month? movies? Well, the lastest newer movie I saw was I am Legend. It's one of my kids favs but I didn't like it. Too gory. Sad ending. I did watch I am Sam again which is an old movie but I love it!!! Must be something about "I am" movies this month.

Favorite pizza toppings?
Olives, mushrooms, eggplant and if I'm not watching my calories...bacon.

Popcorn or chips?
Oh my, my, my...CHIPS. I am a chip addict. Even being on WW, I cannot give them up. I eat the ones that are "reduced fat/sea salted". My all time fav food is mashed potatoes and my fav snack is potato chips, without a doubt.

What cell phone provider do you use? Cingular

Have you ever smoked peanut shells? What? What the heck does that even mean? I didn't even know people did that. I'm surprised in all my years in ministry nobody has confessed this to me.

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
A "beauty pageant" of sorts...not really...I was in my high school pageant and I was also in "Miss Loyalty" pageant and was actually crowned "Miss Loyalty" - not kidding. I have the photo to prove it. These were not based on beauty but rather community service and patriotism and school involvement and stuff like that, though you did have to wear a formal and all that, it was mostly about answering questions and stuff like that.

Orange juice or apple?
Neither if I have a choice...I like Cranberry or Grape and those two mixed even more.

Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? Staff

Favorite chocolate bar? Dove dark chocolate.

Who is your longest friend and for how long?
Oh wow, that's a hard one to answer. I am not in a lot of regular contact with people from elementary or high school, although I talk to a few people from back then on an occasional basis we are not "super close." But my longest friends that I am still close with today, just to name three would be Randy and Dawn Visconti 23 years, Tana Miller 23 years. And then of course she's a family member, but my sister Kim - for 37 years, who I would also consider a friend. :-)

Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
I can't remember.

Have you ever won a trophy? Yes, a few of them. For "Teen Talent" (before the days of "Fine Arts" in the AG, and things like Miss Loyalty.)

Favorite artist?
Amy Grant as far as music artist goes...

Favorite computer game?
I don't play them.

Ever ordered from an infomercial? No.

Sprite or 7-up?

Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?
Yes, when I was a waitress

Last thing you bought at Walgreens?
A card and gift bag

Ever thrown up in public?
Yes all the time when I was pregnant. I refused to stay home or slow down so I was always puking somewhere. I got used to it.

Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?
I've already found true love, so give us the millions, please.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Lust, yes. Love, no.

Can ex's just be friends?
They can be but I don't believe it's wise to be close in the majority of cases. While being on good terms is always a good thing, being "close" can really create major issues. Especially if you ever plan to have another relationship or marry someone else.

Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
Sheri Powell

Did you have long hair as a kid? Yes

What message is on your voicemail machine?
At home it's Savanna and on my cell it's me, saying, "It's a great day in Tampa Bay, this is Deanna Shrodes and I'm not available, but leave me a message and I'll get back to you...thanks a bunch..." (It's not always a great day in Tampa Bay, but I try to look at the positive side...)

Where would you like to go right now?
On vacation

What was the name of your first pet?

What kind of backpack do you have and what's in it?
Don't have one.

Last incoming/outgoing call on your phone?
Joy Conley/Larry

What is one thing you are grateful for today?
Mine and my family's health

What do you think about most?
How much I still have left to do.


OK I'd like know the HOA's reasoning for banning the growing of veggies in one's own yard!
OK I'd like know the HOA's reasoning for banning the growing of veggies in one's own yard!
It would be okay in pots on the porch or something but they don't want people having full fledged gardens, I am assuming because the want the same nice neat grass look for everyone's back lawns, unless they have a pool and cage.

Understand, everything in my neighborhood looks the same, the mailboxes, etc. You have to have EVERYTHING approved and I do mean everything. It's a "deed restricted community" which is good as far as things don't get run down and theoretically when you sell your house it shouldn't be a problem. In today's market - yes of course it's a problem. But in normal economic times selling a house in our neighborhood shouldn't be an issue because the yards are kept up, the painting of the houses is kept up, etc. The upkeep is forced and you get fined heavily if you don't do it. You have to pressure wash regularly, your house, your sidewalk, etc. They want everything neat, clean and uniform.

Sometimes I'm glad we made the choice to live here and other times, not. There are times it feels confining.

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