Today's Meme

I got this meme from my friend Pastor Tara's blog. It's fun Friday so today I have the day off and I'm writing, working out, and just having fun in general with the Teeb. Alright, here we go:

If you could have a servant come to your house every day for one hour, what would you have them do?

I'd have them clean both of my bathrooms. It would take at least an hour to get both of them as clean as I like them.

Has your life ever been changed by an apparently random occurrence?

I don't really believe in "apparently random occurrences" - I think everything happens by design, but I would say that there were things that when they happened, I thought they were "out of the blue" but ended up to be some of the most significant things in my life. For instance, when I had my first conversation with Dr. Bill Kuert on the phone about Kenya, I had NO IDEA it would change my entire life like it has. I had no idea that conversation was coming, had never met him or his wife before, and one phone call pretty much changed everything in how I now view the world.

You're having dinner with several friends and acquaintances. They all criticize a close friend of yours (not knowing he/she is a friend). The criticism is unjustified. What would you do?

This has happened to me many times before. I'm an intense loyalist. It wouldn't matter to me whether the criticism is justified or unjustified - if someone is truly my close friend I would stand by them. I think loyalty is one of the most important things in a close relationship. It's right up there next to honesty. This isn't that I never ever criticize anyone. It would be dishonest of me to say that I never criticize. If someone is not my close friend I may criticize, especially in conversation with those who are my close friends. But if someone is my close friend, I will stand by them. If someone would start a negative conversation about them I would quickly say, "Um, hey - so and so is my VERY good friend" and then I'd defend them or just ask the person talking to stop. Although I may not agree with whatever it was they did (and would tell my close friend that privately), I would stand by them when it came to other people. By the same token, I expect the same out of my 'close friends' and if it doesn't happen they usually aren't my "close friend" for long. They would quickly be relegated to the acquaintance list. :-)