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Today's happenings

Still taking a break from my blog series to just write about my day for all of you who sit on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about it! LOL

I got up this morning at the crack of dawn as usual. I had trouble sleeping last night as has been customary for me for a while. I am not really sure why. I know it's not my "emotions" as in anxiety or something because if I'm happy I have a hard time sleeping just the same as if I'm sad. It just "is what it is" in this season of my life, I guess.

Got to church and had a packed rehearsal right up til the last minute. Church went well except for two mistakes, one big one which was mine. I hate mistakes. Let's talk about that for a minute.

People say, "don't worry about 'mistakes' at church, it's all just about worshipping God and Him moving.'" Mistakes aren't made when God chooses to do something different in a service and He moves in a different way. When God moves it is never a mistake. I don't care if God wants to throw everything out the window that is planned on HIS ACCOUNT but if it's just a stupid mistake on MY ACCOUNT that has nothing to do with God, then it makes me pretty upset.

When I make a mistake, not just with the service but with anything, I commit not to make that particular mistake again. My husband always tells the staff, "don't be afraid to make mistakes. I'm not upset that you make mistakes - only if you don't care about it and you make the same mistake TWICE."

So it's my commitment not to make the same mistake twice. So today I really botched up the second intro of a song and it really was bad...

I won't do that again. I've kicked myself over it all day but I'm done now. The other mistake wasn't mine and I can't control it, so I just have to let it go and hope for the best next time.

Other than that it was a good day. We went to lunch at LaTerasita with Ruiz's, Mackleys and Currie's. Good times. I looovvee their cafe con leche!!!

I came home and got under the covers and went to sleep til right up until time to leave for choir. Had choir rehearsal tonight and I think it went well. The choir is really, really coming along well I think.

Jordan drove home and we stopped by the store to get some things I need for suppers this week and now I'm sacked out in bed typing this and watching the Grammy's with Larry.

Oh, if I could just have a body like Tina Turner. The women is 69 and she looks better than many 20 year olds. She is smokin' hot. Here she is singing next to Beyonce and is every bit as in shape as her. My, my my. I need to get back to seriously working out. That's all there is to it.

Larry and I tag team preached this morning, a message entitled, "Will you be my valentine? Four Realizations about Love and Relationships" and one of my points was avoiding the comparison trap. I know, I know - we shouldn't compare, I preached it and I believe it. However it is hard, I must admit, to look at a 69 year old woman's thighs and wonder why yours don't look better than hers at 41. Something must be the name of Jesus. Amen.

p.s. um, please don't send me a vitriolic e-mail about praying over my thighs in the name of Jesus...I don't seriously mean it. Are you laughing yet, Leanne? (oh, and. Deborah - vitriolic means scathing. Um, and scathing means, well...negative, mean, critical... LOL ....I love you dolla! Can't help it, I'm also in love with words... )


Deborah said…
I love you too your so cute! I was reading all your comments and got quite hot under the collar, Deanna just know one thing we love reading your blog and if people have a problem with your blog maybe they should stop visiting instead of been childish and nasty! you go girl! and if I have a figure like yours next year when I turn 40. Believe me I will have it as my blogs header lol. Love always me
Anonymous said…
LOL!!! Remember, I work with kids...I've prayed for paper cuts, sick cats, and Hannah Montana tickets. Praying for better thighs is not a stretch for me :o). And yes, Tina Turner frustrates me with her perfect, toned body at 69. That's not even right...

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