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This morning I led my women's life coaching meeting at Northside. This is the women's mentoring group that I do and it's one of my favorite things. I think we have the coolest group of women on the planet. I'm very blessed to lead them.

The photo above is of a few of my life coachers from last year when we were sitting in Starbucks one weekend that we went away together. I have no new photos of our group this year...gotta take some.

This morning I tried calling Susan on the way there to tell her that I was running exactly on time and would arrive just in time to start teaching. Therefore I wanted her to have the hot water on for tea before my arrival. I never got her on the cell phone but wasn't surprised to get there and see the coffee and tea already on the table and all my ladies sitting there eager to start. Perhaps nothing blesses me more to see women ready to grow, to learn, to go to the next level. I love it when women are not content to stay the same but press forward for MORE. And to be part of that process of bringing it about, well, it's just...indescribable.

In addition to being involved in mentoring in our church, I have been invited to teach others about it. Last year I was invited to speak at the Pen-Florida All Church Ministries Conference and recently I noticed that on Pastor Gene Roncone's website, he had the podcast from that conference! (Now, Bro. Roncone is a pretty big dude in the AG, for those who may not know. I was really honored and a bit flabbergasted to even see me on his website. I wish I could say my husband and I are friends with this man of God but quite honestly we have never met. Which makes me doubly honored that he valued what I had to say and is using it in teaching and training his people.) If you want to listen to the podcast, go here. For those of you who are pastors, pastor's wives or women's ministries leaders, I share in this session about mentoring women and I trust if you are looking for info on this it will bless you.

So, back to today's news... after an interactive time of teaching we entered into our time of prayer and I really felt God's presence. I'm believing we are going to have a wonderful testimony out of today's prayer time. I can't share the prayer requests or such because we get into such deep things in our lives sometimes in life coaching -- it becomes a place to really let down - be vulnerable - share our hearts. But suffice it to say, we don't just share issues, we believe the God of the heavens to take over and CHANGE those situations. Something big is about to happen in somebody's life, I just feel it...

After life coaching I took Savanna and Dustin to lunch and we just talked about stuff. I love my kids...can you tell? Dustin was working at the church today and Savanna came with me to serve at Hopetown Ministries. (Homeless ministry) It's a blog for another day, but as most of you readers know if you've been reading this blog any time at all, I strongly believe in raising kids that SERVE in the house of the Lord, not just attend it. So important to have them DOING ministry from the time they are little.

Gotta get all the ironing, and any other last minute prep for tomorrow out of the way this afternoon. Tonight, Jenn and I are taking our girls to see the Hannah Montana 3-D movie. Our girls are among those pre-teens who are just C-R-A-Z-Y for the girl, and I support it. I've heard nothing but great things about Miley Cyrus and what I've seen of her so far she's a good role model. The other day I saw her on TV actually quoting scriptures by heart and it wasn't just some verse that everybody knows like John 3:16, but something unique where you could tell, this girl really does read the Bible. Sometimes I hear her songs so much at my house I can't get them out of my head. I have to confess, "The Best of Both Worlds" and "I miss you" has been stuck in my head many a day...

The girls are so excited. Their excitement makes me excited! I know Pastor Tara just took her girls and blogged about the adventure. I guess all of us Moms with girls this age are going through this craze together right now.

Mmmm...Teeb just came in and brought me a piece of Perkins banana cream pie. My favorite. (The man, and the pie.) Gonna go enjoy and talk to him for a while before I get cracking on all this work.

Lots of things I'm working on continuing in the "things I've learned" look forward this week to much more. FYI I had some readers e-mail and tell me how some things have blessed certain aspects of their life from this series. I'm grateful for that. I don't take it lightly, believe me. And I rejoice with you in the steps taken - and the victories won. Keep going --growing -- heading to greater levels.

Speaking of new levels, I'm embarking on the writing of a new book project. This might be my most important work ever. I know most people think whatever they are currently working on is their most crucial ever and I understand that. But what I am saying is, this is a work that really might be my "signature work" of my lifetime. We'll see. I tell you this to ask you to pray. I would like to have it finished by this year's Unstoppable Conference, for a few important reasons I have yet to share. Stay tuned!


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