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My Valentine's Day/Night

I'm so excited to share with you about my Valentine's Day. First, let me show you part of my Valentine's Day gift to Larry. (See above) I made it into a jpg to show you what it looks's a photo collage of us that I created. Along with the photos, I wrote him a letter, then made it all into a 5 x 7 and framed it in a nice black frame so it can sit on his desk at work and remind him each moment how loved he is. I thought it was a cool idea! One reason I wanted to share with you is because I find that people (including myself!) are always looking for special and creative things to do for their husband/wife. This gift is an easy one yet so special. It only cost me the time to create it, my computer and printer with color ink, and purchasing a frame from Target. Wha-la!!! Super gift!!! (Just FYI, I created it in Microsoft Publisher.)

Along with this I got him the new Michael Buble CD, "Call me Irresponsible." He loves Michael. We listen to him a lot.

I also gave him a card with a few choice homemade gift certificates. I won't share the "gifts" with you but let's just say I won't be making chocolate chip cookies or something. :-) I was never one to jump on the "coupon" bandwagon as far as this kind of thing goes because I think if your husband (or wife) wants something they shouldn't have to have a coupon to get it, and so I've just never done that. (I just give him what he wants all the time.) However I thought this year to just make a few of these up and put them in there -- even though he knows he can have what he wants anytime anyway -- I thought it might excite him to see it in writing. Does that make sense? We were going out to dinner with a few friends and so I told him last night we would open gifts before we left for dinner. I didn't want him to open the card in front of them because I thought he might want to redeem the certificate right there, ha ha! :-)

Larry gave me a four disc collectors edition of "Gone With the Wind" and a bunch of chocolates from Choxotica. If you have never been there, it's a wonderland of chocolate. Check it out here.

Larry made arrangements for us to go to By the Bay Cafe (my favorite place!!!) in Ruskin, FL. It's the place with all the authentic Baltimore food. It's the place that, the first time I ate, I sat there and cried with joy just have a "taste of home." He invited the Harts and Madden's to go with us. FUN, FUN, FUN! All day I was envisioning the cream of crab soup and REAL Maryland style crabcakes in my mind.

As usual, By the Bay Cafe did not disappoint. The place was absolutely packed and we had to wait even though we had a reservation, so did tons of other people. The Harts and Madden's both agreed, the food was outstanding. So worth it. I talked to Darlene, the owner and sure enough she remembered me as the lady who cried... (smile) and was delighted to see us. I asked her how business is doing aside from special occasions like tonight. She said it's been very difficult, even somewhat sounded like she doubted their future as far as staying open. That makes me very sad.

By the Bay Cafe is more of a "specialty" restaurant, not an everyday place and are also located in a small town and this makes it difficult. I would absolutely hate to see this place close. The food is truly one of a kind and it has become my favorite place, a "taste of home" if you will. The last time I went there I blogged about it and asked anybody within driving distance of Tampa to please check it out. I'm asking for that again. I don't get a kick back for this or anything, folks. Just the possibility that my favorite place will remain there in Ruskin, FL. Please, please -- go to By the Bay and tell them Deanna sent you! And make sure you taste the cream of crab soup and the crabcakes. :-)

It was a wonderful night of fellowship with friends and now tomorrow night we look forward to our church married couples Valentine Dinner. I'll be back to tell you all about it tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Filing away ideas, lol!!!

Our 10-year anniversary is coming up this summer, and I want to make it really special. Not sure how much $$ we'll have to work with in July - so some of your ideas here are fantastic :o).
Tara Sloan said…
Glad you had such a fantastic V-Day! Ruskin holds a special place in my heart- a lot of my family lives there- some in Old Sun City... I'll send an email telling them all to visit Deanna's fav restaurant! BTW- I saw you are going to speak in Ruskin.. did that used to be Ruskin AG? That is where my parents were saved and my dad called to ministry!

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