My top 10 reasons children should take music lessons

1) It's a gift that they will use for a lifetime, even if they just play for their own enjoyment.

2) Research shows that kids who take music lessons do better in school.

3) Music gives kids a positive outlet particularly when they are angry or upset. I have always played in order to let off steam and now I notice, all of my kids do too. It's a positive way to prevent yourself from going postal.

4) Medical research confirms that music lessons help in the motor development - coordination of eye, hands and body.

5) Playing an instrument helps instill greater confidence.

6) It improves reading and writing skills.

7) Helps them to develop greater creativity.

8) Research shows that kids who take music lessons over a period of time become more confident with taking tests and solving problems.

9) It's a great blessing to their church.

10) Did I mention it's a great blessing to their church? (Seriously, read Friday's post to get the full scoop on this if you didn't already!)