What makes me love you?

What makes me love you, Teeby dear...

daily decision to unconditionally love aside?

Is it the fact that you sometimes bring me breakfast in bed, taking care to make my tea just like I like it?

Is it the times you do a chore around the house without me having to mention it?

Is it the times you say, "I have a surprise for you..." when you come home from the store?

Is it because of your warm body pressed against mine in the middle of the night?

Is it because of the times you are first to say I'm sorry, or when you've written me a letter that is more than just a few lines?

Is it because you make the best spaghetti?

Is it because you gave me a car I loved?

Is it because you dance with me?

Is it because you put all of the Amy Grant CD's on my computer for me to listen to?

Is it because you tell me I'm beautiful...all the time?

Is it because you like to take me on dates?

Is it because you've given me three beautiful kids and given me the privilege of being a Mom?

Is it because you're proud of me, not threatened by me?

Is it because you were enough of a man to marry a woman like me?

Is it because you value my mind, my thoughts, and what I have to say?

Is it because you hold me when I cry?

Or is it because you calm my fears?

What makes me love you, Teeby dear?

It's not one of these things, and all of these things...

It's because you are you...and you are mine...my funny valentine.