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Snip, Snip

Deborah said she couldn't come from South Africa just to see my new haircut, so for all of you who won't take the time to fly in and see it (LOL) here it is...

I know it might not seem that short to some of you but realize, my hair has NEVER been this short five years I've gone from very long hair in a total "80's" style. As you can see, right now a part of it is actually "shaved" on the bottom to make the top sort of flip under.

I'm gonna keep this for a little while but I do have to admit, I miss my flip. Although last night at prayer meeting, Debbie (Winchester) said, "ya know, I was getting kinda tired of your flip. I love this new cut! It's so awesome!"

Actually here's the doesn't matter what I'm doing - whatever it is that is current, it's what Debbie thinks is great because she is a fantastic encourager and always wants me to believe I'm "the best ever" at that moment. (Thank you, Deb! You never fail to make me feel like a million bucks.)

Of course then there was Pastor Trinity who, today at lunch says to me, "PD, the next thing you know, you'll be getting a Joyce Meyer haircut."

Um, no. Probably not. This is short enough.

Then there was Bernie at lunch on Sunday. He says, "What was up with the announcement video this morning?"

He was referring to my hair. Here I was sitting on the platform with my new short hairdo. Then I pop up in a video announcement on the screen with long hair. (It was taped days earlier when I was wearing my wig that I got in Houston.) He says, "what's up with that?" I said, "Bernie, it was my 'accessory hair' actually -- not the real thing. I mean, it's 'mine' - as Pastor Lisa says - it's mine cause' I have the receipt, but it's not really 'mine.'."

And he says, "why? Why did you do that?" And I said, "because it was taped on Wednesday and I needed a root job and wasn't getting one until the next day."

He looks at me like I'm a martian. "What in the heck is a root job?" he says.

Lisa and I just laughed our heads off and said, " guys are so funny!"

They never fail to give us new comedic material, do they?

I've tried to explain a nail fill to Larry. He still doesn't "get" why I get a fill when I've already HAD a fill. "Yes dear, but that was almost three weeks ago..."

So funny, silly man.

p.s. the color on the wall that you see in the picture is "concord ivory" that I talked about yesterday...


Deborah said…
Beautiful love the way its shaved up but still has the length of your crown over it. Its quite a big step going from 80's long to hip and happening in such a short time. I like your colour of your walls its very similar to my outside walls of our home. I have a colour called Astic Tan and Stallion in my home which I think is a wonderful warm colouring, the astic tan picks up the colours in the room so each room has a different shade but is all the same paint.When is your conference in Tampa bay this year need to do some planning would love to attend. Love Dee
Anonymous said…
Looks good :o). Be careful, though - I'm a short-haired girl who can testify that once you start cutting your hair, it becomes easier and easier to go shorter! My husband is used to my schizophrenic hairstyles, but yours probably isn't, LOL!!!!!
Unknown said…
PD, I love the new hair-do. I know what you mean though about going from long to short. When you are not used to short hair it seems very hard. But this style fits you very well. I also love the color on the wall. Of course I love dramatic colors too and my whole is painted in different colors for every room so I always tell everyone who wants to try a new color to go for it and go bold!
LOL! LOL! Men are so funny!

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