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Prayer and pancakes

Tonight is our "prayer and pancakes" at the church. We are praying from 11 pm - 1 am, and then we are going to invade IHOP to eat pancakes. We've already warned, them, an army is coming over to devour a lot of food at 1:15 am. It's going to be great! The whole worship team will be there. We are going to lead worship during the whole prayer time. I feel excited even now as I'm typing this!

Today was a perfect Friday. I slept in. Then I headed over to get my nails done. I don't keep track of dates as to when I need a fill. I just know it's time when I have a hard time getting my contacts out, so when that happens, I go get a fill! Today I was feeling in the mood to get a brown, frosted type color, so that's what's on my hands and feet right now. As I was sitting in the pedicure chair getting massaged, I bowed my head and prayed at 1:30 pm for my brother in law, Dave who had a special need today that my sister had called and left me a message about this morning which I received before I was leaving for my appt. I can pray anywhere...and life today had me praying in the spirit inside my head for Dave and claiming victory for the challenge before them today. Actually, I didn't get a pedicure today, I just got a fill and polish change but even when I don't get a pedicure, Tony invites me to sit in the pedi chairs so I have the massage. He's so good that way... "yu seet heah Deena...rewax and eenjoy...yu ah so beezy ahn nee a brahk..."

After the nail place I headed to spend my Christmas money. I haven't spent any of it yet...nada. I've been saving up a 20% off punch card to Bealls Outlet, and on top of that on Fridays, since I'm in the Friday club I get 15% off on Fridays. So that meant...on my entire purchase I got 35% off. (And on top of that I shop for bargains in the first place.) My cart was heaping with stuff. The lady at the counter was like, "dear Lord, you are getting some great deals are a pro at this!") Yup.

By the way, every single thing I bought is Africa-friendly. What does that mean? Well, long sleeved, and if it's a dress, below the knee. I also got a pantsuit but it came with a skirt as well to match so I can wear that as well! I didn't do that on purpose but after I got in the car and thought about it I said to myself, "oh my gosh, every single thing I bought today I can wear in Africa!" It was difficult this past time that I went to find things in my closet that were appropo since I live in Florida and wear short sleeves most times, and most of my dresses are knee length or maybe one inch or so above. Well, this time I'm ready!

Larry wanted to work on a church project he's been working on (yes, it's Friday but he wanted to anyway) so he did that and slept a lot of the day and I just took my time and stayed out. I had to pick up a baby shower gift for Tina's shower tomorrow too...I got the cutest stuff starting with a pair of little pink glittery dress shoes!!! Every girl should have those. (And she's definitely having a girl...)

I had made a lasagna dinner the night before and put it in the fridge to pull out when we were ready for it today. While I was out shopping I called Larry and said, "hey, pop that thing in the oven" and so he did and when I got home, dinner was almost done. My recipe for lasagna is my absolute fav! I tweaked a lasagna recipe and made it WW friendly and in my opinion it's awesome, as good if not better than the "regular" way to make it. I do it with ground turkey, whole wheat lasagna noodles, 1% cottage cheese, skim mozzarrella, and marinara sauce instead of regular sauce. Just make your regular lasagna recipe however substitute these ingredients and you will cut the calories in a serious way. I have what I consider a humongous piece of this and it's about 7 pts. :-) YUM.

By the time we were eating dinner I had a bunch of extra kids here...which is the norm. That's okay, I enjoy it! Dustin complains about my "healthy lasagna" but Stephen loves it! I think Dust just complains because he knows the ingredients are healthy but they really don't taste much different.

I also got a few household items today with my Christmas money, namely a wall hanging that I have been wanting for the plant shelf in my says, "Always kiss me goodnight..." Yes, I know it's sappy! But I've still wanted one. And I got one of those little tiny suitcases with the colors of my room and put it up there as well. I think it looks cute as a button. Larry always says, "is a button really that cute?" Where did that saying ever come from anyway?

I also got a few more things for the kids bathroom that I've been wanting. Their theme is the beach and I found a shell candleholder as well as a photo frame to put another of Jordan's surfing pictures on the wall in there. In my kids' bathroom we have photos of them at the beach in different frames on the walls and the sink. You guessed it...cute as a button. :-)

Well, gotta go wash my face, change clothes, freshen up and get to prayer.

Postscript to this evening ~ I'm just getting home and it's almost 4 a.m.! Just wanted to say that we had 65 people tonight at Prayer and Pancakes and it was AWESOME! The praise team played the entire two hours and we just went after God. It was great. Something huge is happenin' - I'm telling you, so just mark it down and get ready to hear a testimony! We went to IHOP and took over the place. Although we prepared them with a phone call they were not really prepared. We took up almost the entire restaurant! (and there were other patrons there so the place was totally full.) I had their wheat/grain nut pancakes and they were SO good. I have never had them before but they were terrific! Time to sleep. Teeby and I are tired however after 2 cups of tea it's kind of hard to wind down right away. I'm going to sleep in, in the morning and then get up and start my remaining preparations for Sunday. It's going to be SUCH a great day. Tomorrow is our 24 hour prayer shift - starts at 10:30 am Saturday and doesn't end until Sunday at 10:30 when the service starts!


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