Game over

Someday the rapture is going to occur...

a sports game will be going on somewhere...

and no matter how much they don't want anything to interrupt their game...

something will.

Many people will instantly disappear all over the world.

The game will be over and they won't even be able to get a final score or even know how it might have turned out.

Suddenly, like so many other things that used to be important it will not be important anymore.

The game will become the most insignificant thing in the world.

Where there is the NFL, it will cease.

Where there is the NHL it will be stilled.

Where there is the NBA it will pass away.

Now we see but a tivo'd reflection, but then we will only see Him face to face...

It would be so interesting to see some of the reactions but not so much so that I want to miss the rapture.

So I'll just fantasize about it while I'm here on earth.