Thursday, December 20, 2007

Road Grace

Today I was driving to Staples for some work supplies, and listening to 94.9 radio with some delightful Christmas music. I stopped at a light at Dale Mabry and Bearss and was momentarily distracted getting my sunglasses out of my purse when I suddenly jerked my head up when I heard a man shout, "YOU GOT b____? Get out and prove it!"

Upon looking up I could see this coming out of the mouth of a driver of a huge truck (I wanna say it was an 18 wheeler), while he suddenly opened the door, hopped off the seat of his truck and was hanging off of the door, aiming his fist at the driver and passenger (they looked like two "twenty something's) directly over in a little silver car in next lane over.

They were exchanging many fighting words and threatening to basically annihilate each other while at this red light. In the moment, it seemed to last forever even thought it was only a minute or two. I don't know what happened prior to this because I was too busy singing, "Baby it's Cold Outside" and fishing around for my glasses in my huge purse that some affectionately call, "the black hole."

So, the driver of the big truck grabbed some stuff off of the seat of his truck- bottles and what not -- and started throwing it at the guys in the little silver car. After throwing a bottle and something that looked like a brick at their windshield, he hopped back in his rig and took off, making a right on Dale Mabry. Before he could get away, the boys threw a bottle at his side window. As he drove down the road the guys cut across two lanes and started chasing him.

I have no idea what happened from there. They were long gone. But I did put in a call to the police on my cell and said, "better get down to N. Dale Mabry...I think you might have a little fight on your hands..."

This is not the first time I've encountered incidents like this. I've called the police when I'm out and about in my travels over things like this at least three or four times since I've lived here. Yes, it's "paradise" in one way living in Florida. We've got warm weather year round and palm trees, and beautiful beaches, but we also have some crime and crazy drivers.

One morning a few years ago Larry and I were at Texaco getting gas before work and a guy walked over and with his fists busted out a whole side of a guy's car windows over the fact that the other man, a father, had asked him to extinguish his cigarette while pumping, especially since his daughter was right there in the car. The man was irate and said, "who the heck are you to tell me that?" and busted out his windows in anger - while his little girl was sitting there in her car seat, sending the glass crashing all over her and cutting her. I'll never forget her name - Destiny. Larry and I helped her until the ambulance came.

People are getting crazier. I just know the Lord is coming back.

Don't you just feel the tension in the world? It's like the world is ready to pop. Just last week a man in Clearwater murdered his whole family, then drove across the bridge and shot himself. Crazy!

The world is stressed out with Christmas (which always cracks me up - we should be at peace, not stressed out, but it has become something so different from what it was intended.) And, the world is at a snapping point even when it's not Christmas.

We are living in the last days...the world sure does need Jesus, and some anger management classes probably wouldn't hurt either. Road rage? What we need until Jesus comes back is a little road grace.

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