Hysterical DVD

If you want to experience something funny, I mean incredibly funny - then get Steve Harvey's DVD, "Don't Trip, He Ain't Through With Me Yet!" If you are stressed out in ministry and need a laugh like you haven't had in a long time, this is your opportunity.
We were over at Eddie and Candy's a few weeks ago and started watching it but then had to leave to get to church. In a few short minutes, I fell in love with the DVD and Larry ordered it for me for Christmas. It didn't come in time for Christmas day but it did come yesterday.

I watched the whole thing late last night after getting home from Bridges. Oh my. I'm still laughing over so many things he said. Basically it's a comedy about church, church people, stuff we do, habits we have, and it's just SO amazingly hysterical.

Many of you may say, "I dunno if I should get that video - I've seen some of Steve's comedy and he is definitely not saved...and very questionable" Well, I just encourage you to give it a try. This DVD was recorded when he spoke at Mega Fest at the invitation of Bishop T.D. Jakes. The whole point of the comedic message he brings in this DVD is that he is a work in progress and that God is working on him. (And he means that sincerely.) By the end of the video, I was crying. It blessed me so much. You can order it from Amazon here.