Full steam ahead Tuesday...

Today is my day to work from home and knock out writing projects. It's probably my favorite day of the week because I get so much done, and all in my PJ's at that! Tuesdays go like this - I get Savanna up, and off to school. Then I get a cup of tea and settle in with my laptop to work non-stop. Most times I don't even stop for lunch unless Larry calls me and says, "can you meet us (the staff) for lunch?" In which case I have to quickly shower and get ready.

Most days I work through lunch and at the most grab a sandwich while I'm still typing and working. I know it's not the best habit in the world to have as far as a schedule or eating but for getting work done it's an amazing thing for me. I work until late afternoon, then get showered and dressed, eat and spend time with my family and then later on at night do a few more hours of church work on the computer before I hit the sack. That's how my Tuesdays go.

As I've mentioned before I work from home on Tuesdays so I'm not interrupted by calls or walk-ins. At the Northside office, it's most often interruption central - not real conducive to writing in peace. I like to have a day where nobody can find me - at least nobody but the staff. And they find me when I want them to. (SMILE) That is, when I pick up after hearing their pleas on the answering machine.

Today my plan was slightly augmented. I got up to wake Savanna, feed the dog, let her out, and then set about making dinner and putting it in the crock pot. I quickly pulled together ingredients for homemade beef stew, turned it on low, then took my cup of tea to bed and for the next five hours I knocked out projects. I got my message for Sunday done. I'm preaching the next message in our Christmas series, "Unwrapping Christmas." My message for Sunday will be simply entitled, "Ornament." I am excited about it. Here's the basic message - everyone is basically an ornament to the world - what kind are you? (Hint...some are good, some not so good...) We're going to "unpack" the ornaments on Sunday morning. Also, I'm going to give some away as gifts. It's going to be fun, and spiritually challenging all at the same time. In addition to finishing my ornament message, I made the accompanying power point for the message. I think it's beautiful if I do say so myself - filled with all kinds of beautiful photos of...(you guessed it) ornaments!

After this I did various asundry things such as service orders, proofing communications to go out, working more on a special media presentation for next Sunday 12/23, (our special Christmas service), and a few other small things. Then I went in to get ready for my hubby's arrival home. This entails showering, makeup, hair done, you know - all that stuff. I don't just do it for him - obviously it's for me too. But keeping my "get up and get cracking on work first" - "full steam ahead" strategy just seems to work best on Tuesdays. After getting myself ready it was time to go to the kitchen and make cornbread to go with the stew.

Larry came home at 5:30 and for two hours before he came home the kids kept saying, "Mom, when can we eat this food in the crock pot? We're starving!" (I need to take them to Kenya to show them what 'starving' really is...hopefully in '08 I will...)