Playing catch up is worth it

Tonight I packed one of my suitcases for Africa and got rid of all the accumulating boxes in my room. So now the scarves, jewelry and perfume are packed. Only 6 more days until I go. Tonight I got a wake up call as far as what I'll probably come home to. And I'm bracing myself.

I came home, crashed for a little bit - I was so exhausted - it was such a long day. I fell asleep on the way back from lunch. But no matter how tired I was I knew I would come home and work out on the elliptical. (I have a commitment to do that on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday no matter what). Then I proceeded to pack, and clean my room. I was busy in here cleaning up not just my mess but just the usual junk I clean up. I went out to get myself a drink in the kitchen before bedtime and saw a colossal mess, plus the dog needed to be taken out. My heart sunk.

Well it's like Africa worth a messy house? Yes.

Are people getting saved worth a mess? Yes.

Are "God opportunities" worth coming home to a pile of stuff to do? Yes.

And that's the bottom line and why I continue to take them despite having to play catch up all the time.