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My last night

at home here in Tampa. Tonight we had a missionary from Asia Pacific. Normally Larry and I would take him out after service but tonight we made other arrangements so I could come home and spend time with the fam and get my very last minute details in order.

We usually watch Kid Nation on Wednesday nights after church (we Tivo it) and I wanted to do that as usual and see the kids tonight, as Jordan and Savanna will leave for school in the morning and I will not see them again until November 17th. You know what they say about the "best laid plans" and how they often go awry. Well, in spite of having Pastor T take the missionary out so we could go right home it seemed like things came up that kept us from leaving. (This does not include those who stopped to hug me and pray for me and wish me well on my trip - those were very appreciated of course. Besides worshipping God, this WAS the main reason I wanted to be there say bye to everyone and get last minute hugs and "love you's" and stuff...) But a bunch of other things besides that held us there and then we couldn't find Jordan when it was time to go and I got home and the phone was ringing like it has been all day.

I wrote an e-mail to anyone I thought might want to know what was happening with my trip, my schedule, etc. and I thought this would be actually more informative but my phone still rang off the hook today/tonight. Everytime somebody called I was either running around my bedroom folding more things to put in the suitcase or I was at my desk trying to print stuff out. Most who called just said, "I just wanted to hear your voice before you left..." and you know what? Yes, it made me busier, and yes I was going a little crazy trying to keep up but at least I feel REALLY LOVED. Some people just want to "hear my voice" there any greater joy? I am happy despite the craziness. Some people don't have anyone who just has to hear their voice.

PRAISE REPORT: I started the anti-malaria medication yesterday (a large number of people get sick when they take it - throwing up, etc., in fact they warn you to call and ask for more meds if you are throwing them up. You have to find some way to keep it down because ya gotta take it - no way around it. The pharmacist warned me: "you will more than likely get sick when you take this.") Well, guess what, I have not been sick or even a little nauseated AT ALL! I'm so happy. God is in the details. I do feel a little more tired taking it (which is one side affect) and my mouth did break out a little but the thing is, when I am stressed I also feel tired and my mouth breaks not sure if this is just stress or anti malaria meds.

Larry and I had to go separate ways this morning instead of working together which was a bummer. But it was for a good cause. (At least he followed me from bed into the shower this morning which was nice...every moment counts, you know...especially since we will be without each other for 9 days) After getting ready for work he headed to Lakeland. Dr. George Wood (our A/G General Superintendent) came to Lakeland today to meet with our district superintendent and some pastors in Florida. The district supt asked Larry to come for the meeting. I wouldn't have wanted him to miss that!

I went to work and wrapped up last minute details for the coming days. I have left detailed instructions on anything imaginable however I still get concerned. I usually have my finger right on the pulse of whatever is happening at home and at NS. One of our deacons lovingly calls me "the kidney". In the body, everything has to go through the kidney first. Wanna know what's going on around here? Just ask the kidney! Seriously.

I have left Larry's clothes lined up in order complete with sticky notes on them that say things like, "wear this November 11th". Seriously, I dress him everyday. I'm the "clothes fairy" as he calls me. Come to think of it, I guess I have all sorts of names that go with my roles in life. For such a contemporary woman as I consider myself most would never guess that I do such things as prepare my husband's clothes. When he gets up in the morning he's the one that has to ask me, "what am I wearing?" or "what's the schedule?" I'm the administrative mind of this duo. He always says, God gave him a gift of administration and it's called: Deanna. Tonight Adam came up to me and said, "we've told Pastor we're just a phone call away if he needs help with anything..." That reassured me as well as Sue F. telling me, "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING BACK HERE..."

So I have left instructions on everything from the church Thanksgiving dinner to a staff reception to orders of service reminders, to WHATEVER! I'm sure it'll go fine, I mean the world won't come crashing down if my instructions are not followed...things will just be a little messy in Tampa, FL. :-)

Today I got my hair done. It was perfect as I needed it desperately before I went to Africa and also it gave me one more chance to see Ada before I left. She did a stupendous job, as usual. Today was highlighting day and we always love that. Ada is an absolute hairstyling super-talent.

Oh how I will miss my family, my church, my friends, my bed. I'm a blessed woman, and I know it.

p.s. something funny from tonight...before the kids went to bed, Jordan came out and gave me about 10 hugs/kisses and then said, "Goodbye Momma...I love you. Watch out for little people with spears..."


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