Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm here

I made it safely here, and on time. All of my flights left and arrived on time and except for having to run to make my connecting in NJ (because the layover was so short) and having a bit of turbulence (about 15 min worth) from London to Nairobi, everything was just great. I had no problem getting around at all. I am a woman...and we generally stop and ask for directions. The second I got off of each plane I just asked somebody in uniform, "point me in the right direction" and things were great.

One glitch: they have lost my bags. Yup. I would venture to say that while I ran and made my connection, the man or woman with the bags did not! So my bags are probably back in London right now or at worst, in NJ. They are supposed to arrive sometime Sunday more than likely. I thought ahead and brought a skirt and blouse, my make up, message notes and bible in my carryon. However I don't have shoes for Sunday AM or a few other items I would need to get ready. So we'll go to the store tomorrow. I didn't freak or anything...I figure it's not THAT big a deal compared to many things that could happen. I do have to preach Sunday morning and my music tracks are in my lost baggage and also I had not prepared a Sunday message (I am preaching five times Mon-Thurs but did not know about Sunday.) No big deal, I'm used to being prepared in season and out...

I am going to be preaching at the church in Mathare Valley, which is the worst part of the slums here in Nairobi. I am so excited I could burst! That was one of the main places I wanted to go. Tomorrow, Barb (the missionaries I'm with are Bill and Barb Kuert) is going to take me to the orphanage to see the kids. Then I'll preach there on Sun. So excited!!! In between all that I'll get some shoes for Sunday as well unless by a miracle my bags come sooner. This is a prayer request - life would be a lot simpler right now if the bags came before Sunday, so please pray that way. And I especially want them here by Monday because all the gifts for the ladies are in one of my suitcases. Thank you!!!

I am doing a journal and will blog it all later but for now I must sleep...only had 2 hours within the last 28,'s 12:30 am here in Kenya. Time to turn the lights out. I'm at the Kuert's house in the missionary compound. Actually it's quite lovely. Time to put on my borrowed PJ's from Barb and hit the sack. Tomorrow's a big day at the orphanage!

My love to all...

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Lady Melissa said...

Glad you made it safe Pastor Deanna, will continue to keep you in prayer. Lots of love, Lady Sutton