Fun Friday and Comedy Night

Just a quick re-cap on my day...I'm tired and in need of sleep... I just got home from our women's comedy night. Well, actually I'm getting home from going out with Joy after the comedy night. She came over from Lakeland for the event and helped clean up afterwards and then we went out to spend some time together, which was wonderful. We both needed it immensely and both commented about how this kind of thing and taking the time for it absolutely keeps us going.

For those blog readers who don't know who Joy is, she's my friend Joy Conley who is a pastor's wife at Harvest Assembly of God in Lakeland. We are both on the women's leadership team for the district - we are both "reps" and that's how we initially met. These photos here are of us when we were at the All Church Ministries Conference, both as speakers, two years ago...the one is of us actually having coffee together somebody snapped the candid shot of us in the church cafe and the other pic is of us talking in one of the classrooms. Anyhoo...she's become a real special friend here in Florida and I so enjoy meeting her for coffee, going shopping, having double dates with our husbands and long talks about life and ministry. She's someone I feel refreshed being around and through the past few years we've really been able to lean on each other through many things.

Today was a much better day for me. I got up to get Savanna ready for school and let the dog out, which I do every single day, whether it's a day off or not, it's just responsibilities I have regardless. Once Savanna was settled and off to school I went back to bed for 2 and 1/2 glorious hours. Friday is my day to catch up on sleep unless I happen to have a Saturday where I can do so occasionally. Most Saturdays I work in some regard so it doesn't happen all the time but I get it where I can. So anyway I went back to sleep for a few more hours and when I got up I discovered that Larry had cleaned the kitchen. You can't imagine how happy I was about this. I did a few housework chores today but it did not seem so overwhelming as it could have because the work was shared. I was able to do three or four things but otherwise got rest with sleep and some reading before I went to the church.

I had to go several hours earlier than normal because Dustin had to work and I needed to take him there, so we went on our way and while he worked I decided I might as well too since I was there and so I got two projects done and then headed down to get some things done for comedy night that still needed to be done.

Our night went well and I think it was really enjoyed by all. Missy (our speaker) is dealing with ovarian cancer right now and going through treatments. It's a real inspiration how she is continuing on so strongly and fighting the good fight just like she's done with so many other obstacles in her life. The message she brings is very relatable to most people as we have all faced something she talks about in some way or another. I love the "you can not only survive, but thrive" type of messages and it's so encouraging and motivating to hear that despite whatever we face, we can make it through God's help and our the love and support of our friends.

I knew Joy was coming tonight but I didn't realize she would be able to stay and have coffee with me so late. Although we've done that many times I guess I just didn't think about the fact that she was going to do that til' the time got right up on us. And I also didn't stop to think beforehand about how much I needed it. It's AMAZING how much the love and perspective of a friend helps you. I've learned in 20 years of ministry that unless you have a really good ministry friend (besides your spouse) to lean on, things can be unbearable at times. I'm glad we can be that anchor for each other.