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Eventful Weekend


That should be enough said in itself, but...for those who don't have any teens or young adults in your home yet, let me think you know, but you have no idea.

This evening Larry and I had the couples cruise with the church. Dustin was staying with Savanna, and Jordan was going to the Underoath concert. Stephen got them tickets a while ago for Jordan's birthday. It isn't Jordan's birthday right now however Underoath was coming now, not in March, so they went tonight. Jordan has talked about this for so in, YEARS. This is his favorite group.

This morning I did my "usual". When the kids are going anywhere besides between home, work and church (and sometimes even then) I pull Stephen aside and have a talk..."no speeding...", "no racing through to beat a red light..."..."no running red lights..." "no talking on the cell/texting during the car ride..." etc. etc. Of course they always roll their eyes, "yes Mom, we know, we know..." like I'm a martian from outer space who has no clue what I'm talking about.

As we're leaving for the cruise tonight Jordan calls and says, "we got in an accident." Larry says, "are you alright?" Yes, they are both alright but Stephen's car is more than likely totaled. They were about 1,000 feet from the venue where the concert was taking place and both got enamored in looking ahead at what was happening in their surroundings and then, "bam!" at a red light, had a clash with another lady who just so happens to be unisured. (oh great!)

Stephen's Dad was coming to the scene and it happened to be in St. Pete, where we went for the cruise. Jordan calls back a few minutes later and he is sobbing so hard we can't hear him straight. He says he's waited four years for this concert and doesn't want to miss it and can he stay there and we will pick him up after our cruise. Despite a full car we figured we could squeeze him in our car and fit Stephen in Pastor T's car, if Stephen's father will agree to it. They were all upset, sobbing - not over the car, but over the Underoath concert. KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No comprehension here...

The car was towed away, the boys went into the concert, Larry and I went on the cruise with our couples and then swung by the concert afterwards to pick them up. They came out all dripping with sweat (literally) having been in this environment with 2,003 other kids (Jordan knew the exact number for some reason), crammed into this building standing, jumping, body surfing and whatever else. Jordan was beside himself that he got a photo with the Underoath drummer. They also saw some group called Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. What crazy names some of these groups have. Jordan said one of the highlights was when they came out and shoved cake in each others faces. Sounds like a blast, huh? I tell you, I know we did crazy things as teenagers ourselves but quite honestly none of that sounds like fun to me...not the standing for four hours sweating, body surfing or cake smashing. What they find fun in this, I do not know. But he talked non-stop about it afterwards. He is on an incredible high (emotionally not literally) and can't wait to go to school tomrrow to show everyone his pics and wear his t-shirt.

In other news, we had a really great couples cruise...a lot of fun with our NS couples -- always a good time. Larry and Pastor T out did themselves on the dance floor. SO FUNNY. Larry got Pastor T to do the "worm" again. Come to think of it, maybe the kids aren't that crazy after all.


Sharon said…
Isn't Pastor T just a big kid? :0) Just kidding. I've seen him do some crazy things when we lived in Missouri, including getting his head shaved in front of the church. He's a great fun-loving guy you just enjoy being around.

Glad to hear that everyone was okay in the accident, and that it wasn't your car! One car seems to be difficult enough for you.

Have a great week, and try to slow down a bit and "stop to smell the roses" before you leave for Africa.
Grateful everybody is OK! How are you?
Melissa Davis said…
God Bless you Pastor Deanna,
Glad Jordan and Stephen are ok, sorry you had to go through that but grateful all is well. Sending lots of love your way!

Have a blessed day and "GET SOME REST!" (smile)
Anonymous said…
That is amazing. Be Blessed and I pray that God will get that new car for you! Hehe, you never know what God can do when you take the limits off yourself!

~Jessica Smith

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