Church signs

At every church we have pastored, at some point we dealt with individuals who would leave signs around the church in abundance and they were not always of a positive nature although the people always thought they were doing something needful. There are times I've constructed a sign myself and then had to check myself and ask..."is this positive?" and "how is this looked upon by others who read it -- especially first time guests or newcomers?"

My husband often says that many churches are churches of "signs and wonders"...with all the SIGNS, it's a WONDER anyone gets saved!

I found this cartoon above and just had to chuckle...

Any other pastors/pw's deal with this? I'm sure you've all got your own stories to tell!


Anonymous said…
LOL!!! The funny thing about our church's kitchen is that the ONLY signs in there are the tiny little labels on the cabinets so people know where to put things when they're cleaning up...and about half of those are wrong, anyway!

In MN a few years ago, there was a huge controversy over the "No guns permitted on the premises" signs - with the new concealed weapons laws, public places were required to put that sign in a prominent place if they DIDN'T want people carrying their weapons inside. Many churches felt that this just didn't send the right message for a place of worship, and there were huge protests staged...the whole works! All over a little sign.