Celebrating with the man

So, here we are on our getaway for Larry's 40th birthday.

We are in Ruskin/Apollo Beach. Spent all day in this great room we have, (we even have a little mini-kitchen so we really don't have to leave unless we really want to) and then went to Circles in Apollo Beach for dinner. We love the food at Circles in Tampa but in Apollo Beach the highlight is the view...GORGEOUS.

It is just good to be away, and have all the time in the world to do whatever we want. Today we watched half of the movie, Out of Africa, but decided to save the other half for later. I really wanted to see it because it's filmed in Kenya. Even thought the movie was from 1985, it holds more meaning for me now...

Not a lot of time to blog tonight...having so much fun with Teeby and want to get right back to it...