We're home!

Surgery went well. We just got home. It took a lot longer in recovery than expected. Larry was so woosy from the anesthesia he just couldn't manage to wake up enough to leave for quite a while. Dr. Frankle came into recovery and told us all went very well and he expects a full recovery. There was more damage that was in his arm that the MRI never showed. So no wonder it was hurting worse than the doctor would have expected.

I got Larry home and when we walked in the door he got really nauseated and sick (from the drugs). Jordan stayed home today (he wasn't supposed to but he forgot to set his alarm. Besides all that I know it was bothering him that he would not be here when we got home...I am sure some of that may not be "coincidental".) I'm actually really glad he was here. He helped me hold Larry up, get him undressed, dressed again, fix his blankets, cold washcloth, shoulder sling, give him medication (doctor said not to let it run out - start asap when getting home) and let him go to sleep. So that's where he is right now.

Jordan's helping me get everything clean (quietly!) because first of all not only does it just need to be done, but we have nurses who will be coming tomorrow and Saturday. They are going to change his dressings, check his port, all that good stuff.

I didn't clean much last night because I was tired after church and we all wanted to watch our two shows together. That's alright, we're getting everything done. I just wanted to take a second to blog and tell everyone we are home, and surgery went well. Thank you for your prayers for a speedy, full recovery for my sweetheart.

p.s. would you believe after my teasing him about the pantyhose, the doctor came in and said he was going to have to wear them home?! Yes, he has to wear them for 24 hours. But at least not for 6 weeks...when I told the boys the joke I played they thought it was great. I get to play so few jokes on Larry - he's the master of jokes and I don't even try usually. So this was fun.


So glad to hear everyone is home and surgery went well.

If nothing else, God is faithful.

Love you all.
Melissa Davis said…
Glad all is well at the shrodes household. Prayer indeed changes things.

God bless you and your family