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Today's initiatives and such

I feel like I accomplished nothing today although I actually did a great amount. I don't know why I feel this way other than the fact that the main thing I want to get done, I haven't. More about that in a minute.

Larry was home again today, not feeling well. This actually makes it harder for me to get things done, first of all. He's always needing something, although I'm not complaining. I love my Teeby.

I got about five or six initiatives done today, and I had to go get Savanna early from school and take her to the dentist. We got there about 30 minutes early which was a good thing...she was starved and knew she wouldn't get to eat for a while afterwards so I took her into Publix (which is next to the dentist) and got her a sandwich and drink and we sat in the deli while she ate it, and then I got her a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush her teeth before going in for her exam. She was real happy about all that.

We went next door to the dentist and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Lia has been promoted to office manager! Yeah, Lia! (she's a young lady I led to the Lord a while back...I met her when she was receptionist there at the dentist office and we developed a friendship. She lives out in Brandon.) She asked me for a business card to give a friend in Tampa who she's been talking to about the Lord/church. Good stuff. Savanna collaborated with the dental hygienist, Debbie, to play a trick on me. They came out after her x-rays and cleaning and told me she had a bunch of cavities (Savanna has struggled with this in the past...much to my dismay). Of course they knew I'd be not too happy about it, but seconds later they both laughed and said, "NO! JUST KIDDING! NO CAVITIES!!!" I was thrilled to hear that. No visits to the pediatric dentist this time, PTL.

Afterwards we headed to the pharmacy to pick up my anti-malaria medication for Africa. That's another thing done on my checklist. The pharmacist gave me strict instructions that if I throw up within an hour of taking it, I have to take it right away again. I have to start these meds 2 days before leaving, then the whole time I'm there, then 2 days after coming home. I understand most people get sick on them. Not looking forward to that, so I'm just praying against it. Please agree with me! Now once I get my antibiotics ready (that Rosemay wants me to take with me 'just in case') I'll have all meds lined up and ready to go. Yeah!!!

Since I was busy at the dentist and pharmacy til' evening, Jordan cooked tonight. He did steaks on the grill again (my latest fav of his) and baked potatoes. He did them in the oven which is the way I prefer them. Yum! I put sea salt on them, just like they do at Red Lobster. (One of my fav places!) I know salt isn't the best for you but at least it's no calories. I am a salt lover, especially sea salt. I am a little addicted actually. I have a sea salt grinder and pretty much sprinkle it on everything but dessert.

So why do I feel that I didn't achieve as much as I wanted to today despite everything that got done? Because I didn't finish my second Africa message. This is driving me a little insane. I normally would have all the messages done by now for something especially something that is 22 days away. The issue is the theme and text they have given me. It's just not working for me. I'm doing the best I can with it but truthfully it's a difficult passage. It's the passage where Jael puts the stake through Sisera's skull and their theme is, "A Wise Woman Brings Victory." Okay, so what do I do, preach three services and say, "If a man does you wrong, just...kill him"??? It's proven to be a real challenge to put three messages together. I have finally decided to quickly reference the passage, talk about the importance of being women who take opportunities God gives us, and then move on with my three messages along a more general theme. The next two days I have targeted to finish up my preparation on this because it's driving me a little crazy not having my messages done. I can have all the shots, the medications, my ticket, but if I'm not ready to preach - well, it's all really meaningless. This is the first time I've ever felt stumped or held back by a theme, in 20 years. I am asking God... help me...please help me.

Today I enjoyed reading my new Message Bible. A lot of people (mostly theologically uptight ones) have their differing opinions of the Message, but I personally love it. Although I teach mostly from the NIV and NLT I really enjoy reading a little of the Message each day. Such an enjoyable read. Up til today, I did not have a hard copy of the Message. I usually read it online each day. Finally I got tired of it and wanted the option and so I ordered myself one. It's a small leatherbound one and will be perfect for my purse, to read on the plane when I go to Africa. Since I will have 28 hours going and 33 coming back, I might just have time to read the whole thing. :-)


Deborah said…
Deanna dear friend we travel into Africa a lot and yes I know we live in Africa but I sometime think we are a continent on our own, however I know that the anti-malaria tablets make you feel nauseous a little trick drink ginger beer it helps with the nauseas. Also try and find citronella soap and cream, it doesn’t smell like vanilla but it keeps the mozzies at bay. They have shampoo etc.
love always me

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