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Recap of today's events

Today has been a good day. Normally I work from home on Tuesdays but today was different. Ada and I met in Tampa for brunch, so that meant I needed to have the car (we still only have one). So I drove Larry to work, dropped him off and went to have brunch with Ada. Then I went and worked at the office for the rest of the day with Larry.

Ada just came back from her trip to Hawaii with Chris. They were there for 10 days. She got me a necklace and bracelet there, made out of nuts. I love it! It might sound kind of strange/different but it's really beautiful and shiny. I put it on right away and am just loving it. (I'm wearing it in this photo of us, above.) We talked about everything we could cram in during our time together. We wanted to get together and spend some time before my trip to Africa. I get my hair done the day before I go but the thing is, even all that time to talk is never enough...we run out of time. Truth be told we ran out of time today but I guess perhaps any friendship is like that. She said some things today that were absolutely prophetic for me personally. Confirmations galore. As so often happens after we have a serious talk, I feel like a have a completely new perspective on some things. There is really nothing like having a friend this spiritual.

She couldn't believe how good I was being with eating today - egg beaters and turkey sausage and wheat toast with nothing on it. I told her, it's like this...weigh in is tomorrow! And I'm counting on being down at least a pound. I really wanted to be at Lifetime by the time I went to Africa. At this point that is a litle unrealistic to think it will happen however I can be just a few pounds away by the time I go.

My contacts are starting to feel a bit more comfortable today. I had a hard time getting them out last night. They are really a bit different than the old ones...slightly bigger -- not much but enough to make a difference in getting them in and out. And, for some reason they are more difficult to get out - I am not sure why except maybe with the astigmatism - now my contact fits perfectly despite that and it's more shaped to my eye, therefore it doesn't come out as easily. Oh well, Dr. Stanley said this would settle down and be normal in a few days.

Can you believe my son turns 18 this Saturday? I can hardly believe it. I can remember his birth like it was yesterday. It is true, time does fly. We have something real special in store for him for Saturday...something very "adult like". I won't put it here because Casey reads my blog. :) Although I don't think she'd tell him if I asked her not to. Anyway, the big day is Saturday. I am pretty okay with it since he's still at home for a while. I really have no desire for him to move out - at all - it's pretty common knowledge how crazy I am about him! Now Larry would love nothing more than to have all the kids move out and it be just me and him again...which, I'm not saying I will mind being alone with my husband - certainly not. I love being with him and we will have A LOT of fun when they move out! I will probably live naked 95% of the time. I know, that's a scary thought for anybody besides Larry. But anyway, I am fine with waiting however long it takes for them to move out, especially Dustin. He's Momma's Chocki Woki and he shall remain so forever, and a day.


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