One of the girls are gone

There are three birds - sandhill cranes - that are on our Northside Church property much of the time. They are always together, the three of them. Larry calls them, "his girls" as does Dustin. This morning I was driving Dustin in to work at the church and I had life coaching class. As we pulled in to the parking lot, Dustin said, "these people better not hit one of the girls, or I'll kill them..." and I said, "why would you say that? Who is trying to hit them?" Dustin explained people just aren't careful around them. They are often found just slowly walking around the property, or across the road. Sane people stop for them, go around them or wait.

Dustin must have had a premonition...

During my coaching class, he walked in all upset. He had been crying. He said, "they killed one of the girls, Mom..." the whole class could see he was very upset. I was so hurt for him (and for the poor bird). Some impatient motorist was an absolute numbskull and ran into one of "the girls." Dustin was there with her when she was struggling for her last breath and Savanna (who was with him) said that he was talking to the bird, saying that he was so sorry, and wanted to "kill the man who did this to you..." We don't know who he was. Dustin said he was a stranger, and someone just passing by on Lake Magdalene Blvd. who ran over her.

Dustin buried the bird with some help from some of the Hopetown people who were there. I'm so sad for him. His heart is broken and I understand. And how sad that somebody is out there who has so little regard for life and is in such a hurry that they just ran over a sandhill crane.


Michele said…
Please tell Dustin I am so sorry- I love those birds -in general-
Please let him know to keep an eye on the other 2. Because they mate for life - one of them must have been the baby- I hope that does not make him sadder- It is even sadder to think someone would run them over- UGH why do people do that- and most of the time do not stop-
I can help Dustin find the person if needed. Glad the bird had some comfort in her last minutes.
Love M
I will tell him. He was so down about it today. And it makes me mad too...I can't help but think about those two surviving birds. We might never see them again, due to the trauma today...
Oh Pastor Deanna please tell Dustin I'm so sorry. What a kind hearted kid he is. Not everyone would have done that. How sad and needless.