On being relevant

This video makes a great point...enjoy!


Unknown said…
Deanna---happened over here by way of clicking on pastors----out of curiousity wanting to see "how many" pastors blogged. I have 3 pastor brother-in-laws. One of them blogs--so it was there when the search started. Your name/face appeared first and I popped over here! I am encouraged, and blessed. Just to let you know...there were over 6000 blogs owned by people that listed "pastor" as occupation. I never left the first pageof listing....I have no intention of visiting them all. I do try and visit a blog each week that I've never been to before though---lets me see what God is doing all over the world!
Your blog is awesome---a tool for the Master of life. I pray His blessings on your life as you continue!
Unknown said…
Okay, I am back. I just popped over to your church site! Now I know why I was prompted here! My brother-in-law I mentioned pastors "Sneads First A/G" in Sneads Florida. We are country folks that love the Lord with all our hearts!
Well, just wanted to stop again...I appreciate what you do! Be blessed Deanna!
Thank you for commenting! I appreciate you stopping by!

Good to mention other A/G folks, and mostly those who love the Lord with all their hearts!

Blessings and love,