My arms are killing me!

Today I went and got all my shots for Africa, as well as my prescription to prevent malaria. I have to take it several days before leaving, during the time I'm gone, and for several days after I get back.

I could have done the shots a lot sooner, but...I hate shots. So I've put it off. And, unbelievably my trip is only a little over four weeks away. Actually, it is one month and 8 days away. I can't believe it myself! Since I need to have these immunizations in my body (at least it's recommended that way) for at least four weeks, I needed to bite the bullet and do it today. I wasn't looking forward to it, especially having multiple ones.

The actual shots themselves weren't bad. I was surprised. And the nurse (who looks a little like the nurse in this photo...that's why I picked it...) was amazing. She was a real pro in making me as comfy as possible.

The bad part was the after affects. The nurse said, "move your arms as much as possible and rub them as you are sitting in the car going home or watching TV tonight, etc. Well, no matter how much I did that, they are both so sore especially my right one where I got the typhoid shot. I am glad I'm working from home tomorrow because mid-day I might go soak in the tub in between projects. Right now it hurts for me to lift my arms or move them. And I'm surprised that I feel tired and not real good right now otherwise. I was really looking forward to going to the gym tonight but honestly do not have it in me with the way my arms are hurting and the overall fatigue. Tomorrow's a new day though.

I really, really hate shots. I told the nurse today, "I'd only do this for God." Larry said, "wouldn't you do it for me if I wanted to take you on a second honeymoon somewhere?" I said, "No! I'd just tell you to pick somewhere that we didn't need shots to go to!" (I know his dream has always been to go to London, so I don't see that as a problem. London requires no shots...) The nurse said, "Really? You wouldn't do this even for a nice vacation?" No, no, no.

There are some things I'd only do for the Lord. Just as I've said before...I wouldn't want to be without Larry for any amount of time either, except for spiritual reasons, like a missions trip or a preaching engagement of some sort.

So, my shots are done. Now I just have a few other things to line up, and I'm...all ready. I'll be glad when I have my itinerary complete so I can just worry about preaching and praying. :-)

It was kind of sobering, along with all the papers about my shots and medication instructions to get another paper from the health department that said the following:

Security: Warning against travel: Due to ongoing security concerns and the threat of terrorism, a U.S. Department of State consular warning currently advises against all travel to Kenya. Armed carjackings and violent crime are common in Nairobi. Food or drink offered by strangers, particularly on inner city buses, may be drugged. Advise extraordinary vigilance and strict adherance to personal security strategies at all times.

I've always known that from the beginning. Yet I am not worried. I know God is in this trip. So, in four weeks...I'll be there.

Please keep me in your prayers, for God's protection, provision, and power. Thank you, my friends.

By the way, I am looking for people who will commit to pray for me every single day the week before the trip, and the week of the trip. If you will commit even five minutes a day, guaranteed no matter what, to pray for me during those two weeks, please let me know. You can e-mail me at if you like rather than posting publicly. The week before I'd like you to pray as I make my final preparations with the messages, and all other preparations. The week of, please pray for God's protection in travel, protection while there, God's provision of all I need and most of all His power in ministering to these precious people. I can't wait to tell you all that God does! Also please pray for my family while I'm gone. Thank you.


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