Larry is in surgery

Well, Larry is getting his operation right now as I type this in the waiting room. It's going to be a few hours, and I have all my books and my computer. (I can't just sit.) We came to the hospital at 5:30 this morning.

I went in with him until they were ready to take him into the operating room. I got queasy just being around the needles and IV and stuff (I have always had that problem.) I fainted all the time in high school health class...if they talked more than a few minutes about blood or something, I would ask to go to the restroom thinking, "I'll just leave until they finish this topic..." but sometimes I didn't even make it to the door...I'd just drop right there and faint. The teacher said I sometimes gave them hands on practice in class because they'd do all the stuff to me that you're supposed to do with someone when they faint.

Anyway, I felt that way this morning but there was no way I was leaving him. I hate, I repeat hate, hate, hate when I'm in the hospital and I'm waiting like that and sort of anxious and someone isn't with me. That has happened to me in the past sometimes and it really bothers me. When your spouse or kids are getting prepped for an operation or are in some crucial moment such as a contraction or horrible pain that is NO TIME to get a coke or even go to the bathroom no matter how you feel!!! So I said to myself, "no, I'm not doing that no matter what." I would never leave Larry for a second and that is also why I stayed with Dustin 24/7 and never, ever left him alone.

But it's funny...Larry knows me. He said, "you alright, babe?" (He probably saw my face turning a little white, or should I say more white than it already is...) and I said, "yep" and then he said, "you're getting sick aren't you? Are you going to faint?" and I said, "don't worry about it, as soon as they take you in I'm going to get a coke and I'll be fine. I'm not leaving you."

So I was able to stay til' they told me I had to leave. I had some fun with him. When we first got there, he had to get undressed (no, I don't mean that kind of fun...) and dressed in the hospital gown and all the "stuff". They gave him these pantyhose type things that were thigh high that he has to wear for the operation...something about blood flow or something like that. So they asked me to put them on him and then cover him up. Well, he was out of the room when they gave me all these instructions. So I thought, "hmmmm...get ready, this is going to be so funny..." and when he came back I said, "I have to get you dressed..." and told him to strip down and change into the gown and then I pulled out the pantyhose and said, "you've got to put these on." He was a little horrified, and was like, "WHY?" I said, "it's just what you have to do for this operation and then you have to wear them daily for about 6 weeks...that's what the nurse said."

WHAT???!!! You should have seen his face. He was absolutely floored that he was going to have to keep wearing those things. It was priceless. Then he says, "No! No, that's not true, you're just kidding..., right?"

He figured out it wasn't true, but I thought it was so funny. When I was putting them on him (I forgot what a pain it is to put pantyhose on) and I'm tugging at the things trying to get them up, I said, "now you know why I was so glad to move to Florida and give these things up FOREVER!"

I think all men should have to try pantyhose on at least once...and maybe an underwire bra too...well, ok, let's not get too carried away. But, what else would it take for them to understand a little bit of our world?

Forget it, they wouldn't understand anyway.

So he's in surgery for probably the next two hours and then they'll let me come back to recovery. He's having his labrum tear fixed as well as a few other things now that they found wrong including fixing his rotator cuff. Soon, he'll be as good as new. I can't wait.