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It's a Republic of Tea night

So tonight I decided to go and work out until my hair was so wet standing on the elliptical, it looked like I had been standing in the shower. Sometimes when I have stress or anger to work off and I go to the gym, I think people kind of stare, like, "why is she going so fast for so long? " Sometimes I feel like the elliptical will take off and go around the room, I am pedaling it so fast. What I do to manage my stress now (as opposed to the past when I would get mad at someone or something and eat a bag of potato chips) is work out like a maniac. Usually I'll build up for about 10 minutes and then I get a picture of whatever I'm dealing with in my mind and then shut my eyes and pedal like I'm going to take off at any second. I keep going until I'm spent, and soaked in sweat. All this to my top favorite workout songs...

Tonight I went from the elliptical to the weight machines to work my arms. They were hurting still from shots, however the nurse said to work them as much as possible so I thought, "this can only help..." so while I brought my heart rate back down I listened to some of my favorite inspirational tunes and worked my arms (which need much more work than my legs). Then I came home, and decided to grab one of my bottles of Republic of Tea (zero calories btw) out of the fridge and take it in to the shower with me. indulgence on that one. I only save those bottles for VERY special occasions. Tonight's occasion was... had a lot of issues to sort through today...I worked out hard tonight and by golly, I'm going to end this day on a good note! So I'm out of the shower my jammies, finishing off my Republic of Tea ~ Raspberry Quince flavor ~ thank you Susan ~ and blogging.

Trust me ladies and gentlemen, this is much preferable to eating a bag of potato chips - gaining weight and being even more stressed.

I am working hard to not only reduce my stress level by working out more but I'm also working hard to lose fourteen more pounds in the next seven weeks. (So far I've dropped eight pounds in the last five weeks since I first announced to you that I was getting small and in charge again!) :-) Only fourteen more to go. By the way, that will be six pounds beyond my weight watcher lifetime goal. Why do I want to do that? First of all, it's totally within my health range for my age and height, and second...I don't want to be sitting right at or just below lifetime goal because I'll be too nervous at each weigh in if there is not at least a five pound margin.

So, weigh in is tomorrow. I'm not nervous about it - I know I had a good week and the thing is, even on weeks where the scale doesn't move down, if I've done the right thing, I have to relax knowing that it'll catch up with me. Good lesson there...just as doing the wrong thing will always catch up with us, so will doing the right thing.

I need to purposely look at what's right with my picture right now, so here goes with what's true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report:

1) I'm thankful I made right choices this week in eating and exercise.

2) I'm thankful that my travel and shots are taken care of for Africa.

3) I'm thankful for Tivo in my room now.

4) I'm thankful for a bunch of new music Pastor Jenn Lee sent me.

5) I'm thankful my kids are saved.

6) I'm thankful I saw the sunset today.

7) I'm thankful the weather is cooling off.

8) I'm thankful Jesus is my best friend.

9) I'm thankful I can talk to Him anytime.

10) I'm thankful that in Him there is rest.

11) I'm thankful for Dove soap. (I would love to be a "Dove girl/woman" not only because I think it's cool but because I actually USE the product.)

12) I'm thankful for songs that inspire me and comfort me. Right now two old ones that I listen to over and over again that have really inspired me once again this week ~ Whitney Houston's "I love the Lord" and Kirk Franklin's "My Life is in Your Hands."

13) I'm thankful that each new day has wonderful possibilities.

14) I'm thankful for the power of the spirit. This week I was impressed a lot to just pray in the Holy Ghost.

15) I'm thankful for friends that inspire me. This week, Pastor Lisa's post on "Leading, or Pulling?" really did it for me.

16) I'm thankful I pastor a church that loves and cares.

17) I'm thankful God has always provided a better way, than what our flesh desires.

18) I'm thankful for Susan Lilly. Susan, you are a God-send in more ways than you'd ever know. You never fail to notice that which no one else often does, you encourage me each and every day in some way, pray for me, and show up early to church every single time to do whatever needs to be done. You put the "F" in faithful! You are loyal to me and to the house, and I love you, girl!

19) I'm thankful for God's provision in every area of my life.

20) I'm thankful for what He did for me on the cross. If he never did anything else, that's enough.


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