It was a rainy was a very rainy day.

Today was a dark and dreary day but I tried to make it as happy as possible. It wasn't bad with any difficult things with people or work, it was just wet and cold. Yes, we can get cold even here in Florida especially once we have adjusted to tropical living. My feet were so cold today all day, I wore my boots to church tonight! Northerners would find this humorous - it's still in the 80's here and sometimes 90's. I know, it's crazy but today I was craving heat.

This morning when I got up, it was raining and I had to get ready and take the dog out in the rain. This is always a mess and is a morning I don't really enjoy, but it has to be done. Then after getting the dog out and getting myself ready, as I was making my tea Larry came out and said he wouldn't be done in time to take Savanna to the bus stop so I had to leave my tea, go out in the rain again and drive her up there. Then I came back, got my things and went out in the rain again. Rain, rain, rain. This was the kind of day where I just wanted to stay in bed or sit on the couch in my jammies under a blanket and read a book. But I'm a responsible adult and I have to work. Yes, believe it or not we pastors DO work more than on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights!

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and weighed in and was dismayed, despite being relatively good all week, to be up .06. (That's point 06, not six pounds.) It's minimal but still....I want to lose, not gain. I realize there are many factors involved in one's weight from day to day including but not limited to salt intake, "that time of the month", simple things such as -- did you just drink a bottle of water and not go to the restroom before you weighed? Judy (receptionist who weighed me in) said, "it's just a slight gain, it's really no big deal but I wasn't terribly thrilled. So I have to work hard this week. I am committing to more of the elliptical machine.

So I went to work today, then went to lunch and it was still raining, came back to the office in the rain, worked a while, then went out again in the rain and came home and then started making supper. By this time I felt so yukky from being out in the rain so many times today and my feet were wet and cold. I wasn't dirty - of course I showered this morning and got ready for work but all this dampness just gives me a "yuk" feeling. The last thing I wanted to do tonight was go anywhere but of course I'm faithful to the house of God. So I started supper and started getting ready. Tonight I made baked chicken, stuffing (made with low fat ingredients) and green beans. I got a few plates ready as I do quite often and took them to the boys at church...they are always there a few hours before us, with worship rehearsal for the youth.

We had a good service as usual tonight and then I came home and made some homemade chicken corn soup. I had one point left when I came home and was going to use it wisely. If you make soup right it can really be one point, seriously. So I did. Dustin and I had some and we all watched Kid Nation.

The show was very entertaining tonight as usual, but have I mentioned, I have a serious dislike for Taylor? That girl drives me up the wall. I don't know anybody who watches the show (that I know personally) who likes her. Cathy (mine and Larry's assistant at Northside) feels the same way and we commiserate about the fact that we are sooooo over that chick. I think one reason I feel this way is because she reminds me of a few people I have known over the years who have possessed the same exact attitude only they were grown adults and are somehow getting away with it. And actually, these aren't just adults - they are in ministry! (And supposedly saved but I had my doubts at times.) The thing is, WHERE DOES THIS BEHAVIOR START?

By watching Taylor, I can see how this behavior begins at a young age, and just continues on even after they are adults and have their own children. There are a few things Taylor really needs the first of which is a good butt whipping. There are no adults at Bonanza City, so these kids need to take advantage of that and pop the laziness and beauty queen mentality straight out of her. Whammo! One good jolt is all it would take to let her see that nobody gets a free ride in this life. I seriously had my fingers crossed that one of the kids on the show was going to just drag her off by her ponytail to do the work she was assigned to, but they actually kept it under control very well considering. At least they threatened to take away her paycheck and a chance at the gold star. It'll be interesting to see what happens next week... hopefully she'll change, get saved or...somebody will clock her. Something's gotta give!!!