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Fun Friday

Our day off...what a wonderful day. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE THIS DAY?! Especially when it works out that we truly do have the time off and nothing interferes.

This morning the kids didn't have school so I didn't have to get up early. I slept until 10:30 am. Glorious! Did I mention how much I love to sleep?! After that I took my time drinking tea, eating my breakfast, and checking my mail. Then I took a nice warm bath with my favorite...Bath & Body Works "Moonlight Path." (It is absolutely aromatheraphy at it's best for transports me to such a tranquil state.) Then I headed off to get a fill and pedi. It's been a month. I felt like I was developing claws. I just haven't been because I really haven't had time. Mai was delighted to show me a new color that just came in that she thought was perfect for me. It wasn't OPI (I rarely depart from OPI colors - I don't care what anyone says, I think they last longer and many times still look freshly done after 2 weeks - plus they're just kickin' colors!) But she was right - this was a good one, so we went with it.

Casey came over today and spend the day/evening. When I finished getting my nails done, I stopped at the grocery, picked some things up, and started on dinner. I took my best chicken casserole recipe (my fam's favorite) and adjusted all the ingredients to be "lite" and halved the calories. It still tasted great - only a very slight variation. We had that and garlic mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli and my homemade biscuits. There's really no way I can adjust the biscuits so what it amounts to is limiting myself to just one! Jordan helped me with the entire dinner which I was really grateful for, with this being my day off and just wanting more of a break from the routine of doing the majority myself. After cleaning it up, Larry and Jordan headed to the church softball game. Larry doesn't play this year because of his arm, but Jordan does. They won tonight! The score was 10-2 ~ and Jordan played great - he had 3 hits ~ scored twice. Here are some pics that Larry took of him.

While the guys were at softball, I stayed at the house with Savanna, Dustin and Casey and we watched a movie. We made chocolate chip cookies and I limited myself on those too. :-) We watched a comedy and laughed ourselves silly.

I sorted more scarves for Africa and washed some. Still stacking stuff up in my room getting ready to go. Tomorrow will be 18 days...and counting. Savanna made me a bracelet tonight to wear while I'm in Africa. It has all of my family's initials on it. That will be a little "anchor" for me (as they call it in weight watchers) while I'm gone, to refer to.

Speaking of WW, I didn't do as well as I'd like to the past 48 hours. Thursday was difficult for both Larry and I. I just want to encourage those of you who are reading who do WW (so many of my friends are OP right now) and I just encourage you not to let the scale dictate your mood too much. Things can fluctuate so much and what's important that even with a slip here and there, that you do the right thing THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME and it will even out. I weigh myself every day. I don't recommend that if you have a whole lot of weight to lose but when you get down to the final 10 or you are maintaining, I think it's important to keep a short leash on yourself and be extra diligent to stay on course. Well, I was incredibly depressed this morning when woke up, weighed myself and I was several pounds up. I told Larry I was so down in spirit over it. Well, this is how crazy things can fluctuate...about an hour later, I was 3 lbs. less! I have found this happens quite a bit and can be anything from extra salt intake, drinking a lot of water and not going to the bathroom yet (I am not kidding, I can go to the bathroom and be down a few pounds...weird!!!), "that time of the month", exercising and sweating, etc. I try to not put too much stock in my weight from day to day (although I do check it) but more from week to week. Remember, we are what we repeat. So the important thing is that you repeat the right thing MOST OF THE TIME. You are not going to gain weight eating an extra biscuit one time. But if you eat several biscuits every day as a general rule - you will gain, gain, gain. Trust me, that's why I used to be overweight - that was my everyday lifestyle ~ excess on a regular basis. But no more...

Well, time to fold a few more scarves and go to bed... g'night everybody. Sweet dreams...


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