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Different kind of Saturday

I feel like the past six months I've had a renewed sense of what it's like to have a newborn baby. First Dustin was sick and needed around the clock care, and and now Larry had his operation and is going through recovery. Having to set the clock for every four hours and get up and care for someone brings back memories of feeding the kids around the clock and getting little sleep or interrupted sleep. Of course this time it just involves meds and stuff, but still - it is sort of reminiscent of those days. I'm tired but I know next week it will taper off and we will be back to some normality, whatever that is in our house!

Larry decided to not attempt to go to church tomorrow. It's just too much - he is not ready. He is also not up to going to co-hort on Monday. So he had Cathy cancel our hotel, and he contacted Dr. Lee and told him. I had a feeling this would happen and truthfully I am so glad he made this decision and did not push himself. I had been praying that he would use wisdom. When he told his nurse and therapist he was going back Sunday/Monday they weren't happy about it and I was concerned too. He just got his port out today. He can't even shave for crying out loud, let alone even get out of a chair by himself. It is NOT the time for him to be going to church. He had already asked me to preach anyway (weeks ago) but he really wanted to be there...just because he's like me - neither of us like to be away from the people or the house. But it's like push it may mean a longer recovery. I would rather have him take it easy this week and come back strong than come back too soon and be up and down in his recovery.

The nurse and therapist will be visiting us at home tomorrow and Monday...not sure how much longer after that and then he starts therapy as an outpatient, versus in home care. He is coming along VERY well. Extremely well. His incisions look great - things are healing perfectly. This is going to be a perfect recovery...he just has to do the right thing to keep it that way. Savanna will stay home with him in the morning and take care of him as I have to preach - Dustin has to play guitar and Jordan Savanna is officially elected for Daddy-care.

This morning we ladies of NS went to see "Sydney White" at the movies. We did a matinee followed by lunch at Panera. We really all enjoyed the movie. It was really cute. Everyone remarked how we want to get it for our daughters when it comes out on DVD or maybe take them if time in the coming weeks. It was nice to get out since I really haven't been out too much the last few days...

I came home and made dinner for everybody including a few of Larry's favorites...including okra made the true southern way, (with corn meal and oil) but my own healthy version - which I did do in the fry pan however very healthy with just a little olive oil. He loved it! Then I dropped Dustin off at Land O Lakes high school. Casey was doing a play tonight at her school... and then they went afterwards to the mall and to Circuit City to get his i-pod fixed or exchanged. [See pic of Dustin and Casey (his "friend") here at right.]

When coming home I saw that Pastors Bert & Lori Hutson from Baldwin A/G sent Larry an absolutely exquisite basket of treats as a "get well". This thing is very unique...pretty awesome! What a lovely get well idea, and so thoughtful!

It's only been three days with my husband being out of commission but I really miss him. I don't want him to know exactly how much ~ I wouldn't want him to feel bad in the least. But I don't like it that he has to sleep in the recliner. (I know he must hate it). I don't like not being able to snuggle with him (a hug would hurt at this point) - the most I've done the past 3 days is give him a little kiss on the lips or a lot of times I hold his head and hug it for a moment or give him a kiss on top of the head. He's on a lot of medication and not talking like he normally does. We aren't able to be out and about on our day off...or even just lay together to watch a movie. I'll be glad to have him back...really back. It won't be long. I'm counting the days and more than that, I know he is too even though he's not saying anything about it. When you've been married to somebody this long, you just know.

It was a different kind of Saturday, but different is alright.

Five things I'm very thankful for today:

1) I'm thankful the nurse said Larry is progressing wonderfully.

2) I'm thankful that I got a box of Republic of Tea tea bags today at Panera. I'm going to have one in the morning in my travel cup on the way to the church.

3) I'm thankful that the hot bath I'm going to take in a few minutes is going to feel excellent.

4) I'm thankful my house is clean.

5) I'm thankful that right in front of friends tonight, Dustin said, "I love you, Mom" and gave me a kiss and hug. How much more could a mother ever want than that, except for her kids to be saved?


Anonymous said…
Been there, done that (round the clock husband care). I feel your pain...and yes, he did make the right decision to take it easy - as much as it annoyed my husband to lose some independence and mobility for a short time (he had emergency knee surgery two years ago after his quadricep tendon snapped), his recovery was remarkably fast - much faster than it would have been otherwise.
I know what it is like to play nurse maid.
I am thankful that we have not had anything since my husbands hip replacement surgery about three years ago.
Thank you Lord!

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