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Date night and other stuff the past 24 hours

Last night Dustin was at Stephen's...Jordan had a softball game...Savanna spent the night at Molly's...and Larry and I had a date! It was "Fun Friday", so it's "our time." For our date, we went to Mariposa, a relatively new place in Tampa...wonderful "fresh" pacific mexican as they call it. I had citrus grilled pacific wahoo tacos (fish tacos) with charred corn passilla chili salsa and Larry had the special which he wasn't too crazy about - it was some kind of pork with potatoes. I wish he would have gotten what I ordered - he would have been much happier. I offered to give him half of my food but since it had sour cream on it he didn't want it. My tacos had a wonderful cilantro flavor to them. (I love that, it reminds me of Ecuador! I think they were cooking around the clock when I was there...the hotel we stayed in had a restaurant down below my window and our windows were open all night and I could smell this fresh cilantro smell pretty much 24/7, but I really like it so it doesn't bother me...) Anyway, I loved the tacos, and we had some mango iced tea with them.

The place was packed (not surprised - it was a Friday night) but I'm also really glad the business is doing well. I have met the owner because Lindsay and I went before he ever opened up and met him personally and he sponsored us for the Princess Luncheon outreach (another reason I want to support them.) The owner is the former chef from Roys, in Tampa. I really, really like the food there. I think I'm going to take Ada there sometime soon if she hasn't already been there. Being that it's right near her neighborhood, she probably has already been there, but who knows...

Larry and I had a good time just chilling out and talking...about everything and about nothing and just relaxing together as I so enjoy doing on a Friday. It was nice to come home and have the house to ourselves. :-)

This morning I slept til' I could sleep no more. It was heaven. Larry got up earlier and got ready for a wedding he did today. He said it went well. I did a lot of cleaning today. It was all waiting for me from yesterday. I was determined yesterday to have a true day off. A lot of times my Fridays get eaten up completely with "home" work. I have managed in most instances to stop doing church work on Fridays but I don't get any rest many times because I'm cleaning the house from top to bottom or doing special projects at home. I've tried to relegate that to Saturdays now. We do a lot of church work on Saturdays but I'm trying to split it up now - 1/2 home, 1/2 church and a little more rest...

Saturday is normally my day to catch up on whatever I didn't get done by Thursday at the church, and wrapping things up for Sunday. Today I did get things ready for in the morning and cleaned the house and prepped most of the stuff for Newcomer's fellowship tomorrow night. I went shopping for a few items...made a chocolate layer cake...and lined up a few other things. I made dinner tonight - Larry wanted meatloaf so I made that and some garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli and squash (um, can you tell I really like squash? I could eat it every night, either that or fresh asparagus...which we have a lot too.)

After cleaning the kitchen for like the fifth time today I headed to the gym and worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes and did weights for about 15 minutes. I planned on doing that this morning but ended up sleeping instead. Saturday is my only day to sleep in so most times I just can't get up early on Sat. unless I absolutely have to. Once I'm up, I work til' I drop but I do like to sleep that day. Fridays is our day off but I still have to get Savanna up and to school. Sometimes I go back to bed after that. Well... make that...lots of times.

Speaking of pants are falling off of me!!! I'm excited, at the same time it's with mixed emotions that I wash and fold up - and give away another pair of my pants...for good. I was wearing a favorite pair this morning as I went around cleaning, going to the store, etc., and they kept falling down and I'd have to yank them back up. By this, I don't mean falling down to a degree of embarrassment or anything (they were underneath a long shirt) but they kept coming down three or four inches and just hanging there because I've lost almost half the weight I decided I wanted to lose six weeks ago...I am really hoping and praying for another good week and if this is any indication, I'm going to have one! I finally got sick of pulling my pants up every five minutes so I just changed out of them into something smaller.

So in summary - aside from sleeping in, today has been an extremely productive day of working on a whole bunch of things. Tomorrow's a brand new day and it comes real early for me...way, way, way before the sun's up I'll be taking the dog out, getting a shower, and getting ready to leave for church at 7:30 am. So...for now, g'night everyone. I can't wait to see what God does tomorrow.


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