UNSTOPPABLE was off the chain!

Well everybody, as you can see I haven't been here on the blog for a few days and it's because I didn't want to miss a moment of the Unstoppable Conference! It was so incredible it's really indescribable, but I'll try in just a few words. I'm too tired to write much as I've poured myself out so much the last three days and I do have to teach and preach tomorrow (twice) and I want to spend some more time with Larry. He came to the conference everyday, but we really haven't connected...

The conference totally exceeded my expectations and my dreams. It was so good to see several people from the message boards including Pastor Tara, Tracy, Pastor Donna, and several others which shall be unnamed (due to being anonymous on the boards.)

The worship was off the charts!


The altar time? Amazing! Simply amazing.

Before the conference I was wondering, "will there be a next year?" (This is so much work, and to say I've had to fervently intercede for a miracle everyday in this process? An understatement.) But it was so worth it. Pastor's wives, women pastors, missionaries were set free, delivered, healed. Chains of depression, exhaustion, fear, unforgiveness, were broken. Freedom came in such a great way. God met with us in such a powerful way. Even before the end of the first night people were talking about, "when you do this next year..." and if I heard it once I heard it 1,000 times over the weekend. People seem to be intensely craving a "next year."

God met our needs. The finances were covered. (There's a huge budget for something done this well, by the way. I told Lindsay we were doing this thing right from the first year and making a statement.) I think God made a big statement through this. I say God of course because it was much bigger than anything we could do ourselves. This was a God-sized dream and it came true.

The first night it did feel like Christmas day for a small child. You know how you open your eyes on Christmas morning and sort of run from gift to gift not being able to contain the excitement? I was just running from neck to neck hugging friends I haven't seen in a long time, friends I've never even met in person (pastor's wives I know from the internet) and brand new friends who just heard about the conference and signed up. It was so awesome.

My Northside ladies (and a few men too!) did an OUTSTANDING job. The women were so impressed by their servant hearts and the excellence with which they did things. Lisa and Cathy were just AMAZING and the way they handled the ministry team was just superb.

This conference was a joint venture of my personal ministry through Pastoring Partners, and our church (Northside Assembly of God). Although I am A/G and always have been, I do minister in many other settings and churches. Pastoring Partners is also a place that is inter-denominational. For this reason (with it not being a district conference) I didn't expect any officials there, just many of my friends who are A/G. Imagine my surprise when the superintendent and his wife walked in on Friday night (the night when I was preaching!) They both said they absolutely loved it and were so blessed! This was the first time, incidentally, that I have preached for a district superintendent! (There's a first for everything.) After service he said, "you can preach to this district superintendent anytime!" (Should I frame that and put it in my office? Nah, that would probably be a little over the top, I guess.

I could write books and books about this (and maybe someday in the future I will) but it's like this...the big bath tub, and my husband, are waiting.

I'll be back to share more in the coming days as well as post pictures.

Thank you Jesus for all you did at Unstoppable!!!


Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
I am so glad everything went well and that God met and exceeded all your expectations.