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"Look Momma, you will not run out..."

I love it when I come home to a clean house. Perhaps there is nothing more glorious. When I walk into a clean house, I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. Yesterday Jordan cleaned the house...I mean really cleaned it and when we walked in the house from work, my whole being just went, "ahhhhhhhhhh..."

Then he led me over to the fridge and said, "Look Momma! I made you something!" Upon looking inside I found he had made me five pitchers of iced tea. He said, "here's more than enough will not run out!" Indeed. There's at least enough here to last me til' I leave Saturday for Houston.

He really is the sweetest boy on earth when he wants to be. Moments like that make up for all the times I have wanted to wring his neck. :-)

After work, Larry made dinner. (I know what you're thinking...I hit the jackpot! Yes, it was a great night.) He made turkey tacos. (yum!) While Larry made dinner, Dustin wanted me to watch Kid Nation with him. He tivo'd it yesterday. We watched it and I really enjoyed it. I think this is a show I'll watch the entire season with the kids.

After dinner the boys and Larry and I watched Last Comic Standing finale which we had also tivo'd. It was hysterical!!! This one comic said, "I had a lot more props, but O.J. stole them from my hotel room..." ha ha! (By the way, I'm going to blog about O.J. just stay tuned.) Larry and I walked around the neighborhood later at night and spend some quality time talking. I always enjoy our walks. We try to walk at least a few nights a week. We really do have the perfect development for it.

We are both doing good back OP (on program). In the past two weeks I've lost almost 5 lbs. It's amazing how when you stick strictly OP and go to meetings, what will happen. I have a 12 week goal (2 weeks already done) and in the next 10 weeks, there should be a significant difference. There WILL be a significant difference. I am DETERMINED and nothing will break me. One thing it amounts to for me is putting the same stubbornness toward health and weight loss as I have for other challenges. As our friend Randy says, all it takes to make something happen is to tell Deanna she won't be able to make it happen and that pretty much seals the deal that it's happening!"

I am renewed in my focus of utilizing certain ones of the Weight Watcher Ten Tools for Living. I would say when I lost weight for the very first time my most used tool was what they call "anchoring." Now I'm using reframing a lot, empowering beliefs and winning outcomes. (Those of you in WW know what I'm talking about. If you don't and you are the least bit overweight, I suggest you go to WW and you'll learn all about it. :-) I'm a great believer in the WW program. If you ever want to know anything about it, just ask me! By the way, "the meetings are the magic!" as they say.

I am still getting used to my new WW leader. I really like her, it's just a matter of getting used to her style. I am cognizant of the fact that I can't blame her or take it out on her that I don't have my old leader. It has nothing to do with her whatsoever, and she's a really good leader besides all that.

It's cooling off here in Tampa and we're not living in the (what I considered) unbearable heat we were enduring this summer. For some reason it was hotter this year than others. Now it's getting breezy and I'm loving it! Time to get out on the patio again at night and read my Bible. Oh how I have missed the comfort of being out there. This morning when I came out it was cool out there. (For months it's been hot even early in the morning.) This morning it was breezy and there were three ducks on the pond when I let Geena out. Ah yes, I'm loving it.

The more this week goes on, the more I am glad to be traveling this weekend. I know, I had a good evening at home last night. I'm very grateful for that. But it was a challenging week otherwise. And when I go away and minister somewhere it's almost magical. Not that I'm the magic, not by far! I just really enjoy ministering in a fresh environment, meeting new people, and the fact that I am there to reach out and love, and pour out of myself, yet I am not called to pastor those folks. I am just there to reach out in love while I'm there and uplift their pastors and point them to their pastors...and then leave again, hopefully having the people very blessed by our time together and what God did in our midst. That's the beauty of it.

I realize it's hard for a full time evangelist these days - unless you are basically a "star" they can't make a living at it! Few who aren't famous can stay on the road and keep eating and paying a car payment. But for a pastor like me, it's the greatest thing going! Because my livelihood is here in Tampa - at our church. And traveling is just something occasionally extra that I do not need to earn an income from. I do not go to bring God's Word for an honorarium. People ask me, "do you charge a fee" and the answer is no. I've gone to little bitty country churches who can't give me a dime. And God sends me to pour out and love them. If someone can bless me in some way, fine. If they can't, that's fine too. I really do just have a love for the Word and for people. That's why I go anywhere - period. And in being able to reach out, love, uplift and then turn them towards their pastors -- now what better thing can there be but that??! I do not have to counsel those folks. I do not have to have them yell at me two weeks later because the air was up to high in the sanctuary. I do not have to put up with any guff. All I gotta do is love and bring God's Word...pray for people and hug a bunch of necks. Their pastor will have to deal with the air in the sanctuary and all the guff. That's one reason I love encouraging pastors. I know the road they walk and just want uplift them. No wonder evangelists who can actually make a living doing this just love it!!! Wow, I'm getting more excited by the's almost time to go!


Tara Sloan said…
Yea Jordan! You'll be a GREAT husband one day!

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