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It feels like it's the night before Christmas

I feel like a kid again, on the night before Christmas. Here we are on the night before Unstoppable. Is it really here? Wonderful visions are dancing in my head, that's for sure!

The past few days have been so busy getting ready for it. Tonight after service, Pastor T, Pastor Lindsay and I are taking all the stuff for the media over to the Hilton in a truck we rented for the weekend. (Yes, it's taking a rental truck just to bring our media stuff over - this doesn't include the sound stuff which will be brought by Jenn and her team from Southeastern!) Tonight at 10 pm we begin by setting up the trusses, the screens, the projectors, computer, power point, stage light stands, etc. We want to have all that fully automated so that tomorrow when the worship team rolls in with the equipment all the media will be in place.

I realize some people think, "why do you need all that stuff?" Just get a keyboard, and stick a pastor's wife up on the piano and let her lead in a few bars of "I Exalt Thee" before the speaker comes up. Yes, I know that's what happens at a lot of retreats...I've been to them. And my thing is, as Mark Batterson says in his lion chasing manifesto, I want to "criticize by creating." This weekend is a creation based on everything I've always wanted to see in retreat/conference for pastor's wives/women in ministry..and rarely if ever have see. The only thing that has ever come close is the national A/G WIM conference, which is my favorite thing to go to. I basically hold on for dear life until the next one comes around again! But now at least I will have mine in between to "hold me over." :-)

I don't know how much I'll be able to write in the next few days til Sat. night. I'm on a tight schedule but I am going to try to post some photos each day if I have a moment.

I came home a few hours early today to get packed. The conference is in Tampa but obviously I'm staying on site. Right now my clothes are in the dryer and I'm waiting for them so I can pack the rest of the suitcase. I'll get home way too late tonight to do it. Our "set up" starts at 10 pm in the ballroom tonight, so that gives you a clue as to how late we'll get home. Then in the morning I have to get over there again to continue. Registration table opens at 3 pm, and'll be off like a rocket!

In case you're wondering, I'm not doing all this...a wonderful team of people from my church have been mobilized to handle registration, greeting, ushering, product tables, assisting speakers, etc. I'm going to keep working my tail off on last minute details and then when 3 pm comes tomorrow, the details are all going to somebody else and I'm going to do what I love most -- just connect, connect, connect with women in ministry and encourage the daylights out of them.

This is like a giant present I've been waiting to open for 9 years! That's how long I've had this dream. I've been doing pastoring partners website since 1998 and have had the dream of getting people physically together (beyond the web) for all this time. Now, it's here. Did I mention it feels like it's the night before Christmas?

p.s. I went to my weight watcher meeting this morning before work...lost 4 lbs. this week. Our leader told us today: "You'll always have time for what you choose to do first." Hmmm...that's good stuff! This is an uphill battle everyday as it has been for three years, however...I shall overcome. Did I mention, 11 weeks until I will be at my ultimate goal? No doubt about it, just watch and see. I'm a woman on a mission.


I know it will be wonderful.
Anonymous said…
We share your excitement. We are really looking forward to this weekend.
Love and Prayers!
Anonymous said…
I am so excited for you! I couldn't even think of coming this year but I will certainly be praying for it. Really excited to see pictures and hear all the awesome things God will do for all the women coming!
I pray that as you stand up to encourage thses women that you disapear and they see only the face of the one who loves them more than life. I pray that the Spirit of the living God speaks through you the words that God has planned for this conferences since before time began.
I thank God that when these women leave they will know that they have been in the presence of God and that not one woman will leave as the woman she came.
May the love of God so fill you that the burden of it will be almost more than you can handle.
Deborah said…
I pray that this is the first of many to come, Deanna as you are a sleep when I am awake know you are covered by a group of my girls in prayer, I cant wait for a time when God opens doors for me to come to one of these unstoppable conferences. I love how you are a girl with a spirit of excellance. I know God is taking you to the next level. Be bless precious treasure. love always me

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