I hate goodbyes

Our time with our dear friends, the Visconti's, came to a close today. We had to take them back to the airport this afternoon. It was sad saying goodbye, but we know we'll have another visit again in the coming months, plus talk on the phone a ton. Still, it's hard to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes! I only like hellos. Why any of us need to say goodbye, I don't understand. I hava always hated saying goodbye and sometimes even refuse to do it or avoid it. Sometimes I have to do it - otherwise it's just inapppropriate. I take these things hard, still.

Randy said he ate so much this time when he came it felt like he was on a cruise! We had ice cream so much, I don't even want to admit how much. As soon as they left today I went and stocked up on WW stuff to get totally on track and back in "the zone" as I call it. But it was all worth it! We had such a good time just sharing our hearts and being with those who understand the unique role we share as ministers, and particularly as like-minded ones. So much to talk about and so little time.

I have been off line a lot of the time the past few days, just wanting to spend as much time with them as possible and also needing a break. It's been a really busy season, getting things ready for several big ministry projects, being on the road some, and what not. It had been a while since I had a true day off. I needed not one but several. It was so good not only to be together but to take some time off. Now it is back to full capacity plus a bit more...

It's time to press in and believe for a new level. Here I come!


Deborah said…
Welcome back I have missed my daily dose of Deanna lol. what a lovely time you had, good friends are so goooooooooooood to have, by the way you look so pretty in this picture! love always me
I am glad ya'll had such a good time.
It is so important to have some down time--even if it causes the scales to rise. :)
I am glad God has given you a couple you can let your hair down with--we all need that.
Amen to that Sharon!