Happy Beginnings & Happy Endings

Today featured a good beginning. I started with getting up to feed the dog and take her outside, then woke Savanna up and made her eggs and toast and then I thought..."today is going to be an incredibly busy day...it's going to go full speed ahead until late tonight attacking a huge initiative list for this week." So, I decided, "I'm starting this day off with some fun." And with that, I went back and got in bed with Larry before getting in the shower. :-) There are days it's just a great blessing to be a little late to work! In addition to a perfect cup of coffee or tea, this makes for an extraordinary way to start the day.

So as I predicted, once I got to work things were racing 90 to nothing. Not many of my initiatives got very far until 1:30 because I was getting constant emails or phone calls about additions, cancellations and banquet orders for the Unstoppable Conference. My meeting at the Hilton was today to square things away in giving them our banquet check, sign the room orders, and talk things through one last time. By the time we were done that it was 4 pm. Then we headed back to the office to tie up some more things before heading home. However, as soon as she got home from school Savanna called me and told me she was in a lot of pain and wanted to go to the doctors...

She woke up with a slight sore throat this morning, and I gave her some Tylenol cough and cold after breakfast. But, this afternoon it had gotten worse so I called the pediatrician and they have night time hours now (a real convenience for working-outside-the-home parents) from 6-9 pm. The appointment they had open was 8:50 so I was able to take her. All three of the kids have really been battling bad colds and sore throats. I kept Dustin home on Sunday because his was so bad and he has not been totally cleared with MRSA yet. I am having a hard time getting through to him about what he needs to do to get well. He keeps such late hours. I don't know where he gets that from. :-) Thankfully Savanna doesn't have strep or anything - it's just a virus. So we stopped to get some Motrin and cough drop lollipops.

Right now I am trying to get a lot of administrative details squared away, knock out a bunch of messages, and keep my house in order. Somewhere in there I'm finding time to pray and work out. Larry and I have been very strictly on program this week...as far as me, I'm so fixed and determined nothing is swaying me. No chocolate cake, no potato chips...nothing. There are just times I get "in the zone" and make progress and this is one of them. I set a goal for November and I am so determined to reach it.

Tonight's ending is going to be taking a bubble bath in my big tub and getting into my bed (the most comfortable in the world...) This day had a happy beginning but also a happy ending. I like that.