Sleep glorious sleep. I tried to stay up the past two nights but it just didn't work. I was zonked. Larry and our friends were watching a movie Thursday night, and in the jacuzzi last night, but I went to bed early and actually got 8 hours sleep which I haven't done in FOREVER. These few days have been days off for me and honestly I haven't had them in a few weeks so I am really catching up on rest.

I am not blogging much because we're spending time with our friends but I'll be back in full force with lots of blogging on Tuesday night after they are back to Arizona.

We have just been eating and talking a lot...and I'm also working out and trying to watch my weight as best as possible. Back on the elliptical machine and my bike with regularity...trying to drop fifteen pounds ~ which I shall do. Yes, I will. Pastor Tara, are you with me? ("PT are you with me? Woo Woo! Do you want a revolution?")