When some girls have to talk

it's painful. What will this girl have going for her when she's older and starts to sag? Um, really nothing unless something really changes over the next few years, bless her heart.


You have got to be kidding--how sad.
She would have done better just to have said, Duh, map what's that?
I think someone mentored her in the wrong thing. :)
Deborah said…
oh my word, what is happening in south carolina? shame as you say something will really have to change. gee I think most South Africans know where they are located on a map, our people are been restored and over our countries last 10years God has changed so much. we give Him all the glory. love always me
Anonymous said…
This is definitely going to make it to VH1's next installment of "Dumbest Celebrity Quotes." Bless her heart is right!!