We're home

Dustin is home

We came home just a few minutes ago after stopping for his meds on the way home. Thank you for all your prayers.

Dustin will have to be at home until Wednesday, continuing his recooperation and medication at home. Some friends have asked about visiting. This is great, just give me a few hours to get the house in visiting order! You are more than welcome, but please call first so that I know you're coming. We're grateful, incredibly grateful that he's home but please keep praying for him as he is still completing his recovery. Thanks to all of you, near and far, who have lifted him up in prayer. We love you.

Blogging will be short to none today as I have a house to get in order, and I'll be taking care of him all week long as well in between working at home and all that jazz. Once I get the house clean today and in a rhythm of doing things in doing my work and taking care of him, you'll hear from me more.