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Tuesday Meme

Ten Things You Don't Like About Your Job

Okay, I've been working non stop all day (lots of writing - didn't even stop for lunch) and the brain is starting to get fried. Time to take a short break and write something just for fun. Went to a Meme website, Ten on Tuesday, and this is the question for the day. I thought, "uuuughhh" THIS is the question? Oh well, I'm gonna do it. Here goes...

1) Watching people making decisions that sometimes ruin their lives and there is nothing you can do about it but pray and still sometimes see them go off the cliff you warned them was there. My husband just dealt with a situation like that today. Very painful for a spiritual mother and father to go through, because we love our people so much.

2) Having a zillion God-dreams but not always the immediate resources to fulfill them.

3) The politics that sometimes come with it. (Though I've sworn not to engage in it, sometimes - unavoidable.)

4) The fact that it has the potential to affect my kids in a negative way. (though I try my best to protect them.)

5) Confrontation - sometimes it's just necessary but I never enjoy it.

6) The fact that many people don't treat church with equal or more importance than a business. If the business world expects excellent work, how much more should the church? Sometimes people think we should excuse a lot more from our employees or volunteers because we are a church (and I hate that attitude). I think more should be expected, not less, out of Christ-followers.

7) The fact that sometimes the people you do the most for, appreciate it the least or hurt you the most, and the people you do the least for look at you like you are God incarnate. What's that about?

8) The fact that we almost exclusively work with a volunteer work force. How many corporations could ever succeed with that? None. Which is one thing that makes the church of Jesus Christ an absolutely amazing thing. And for pastors who lead successfully -- a leader unequaled in the business world, IMHO. Tell a CEO he has to work with "volunteers". He'd resign after about 2 days of it. But pastors all over the world keep doing it, putting their hand to the plow, and moving forward. Amazing! I salute my collegues all over the world! You are AMAZING. Simply amazing.

10) That you "take your kids to work with you" each week. What other professionals have their entire family show up, on display - to be critiqued week after week? None. Even politicians only have the occasional public appearance with their kids. People complain about pastor's kids and how they act sometimes, but you can't imagine what is expected of these kids. It's amazing that many PK's stay sane or saved with the expecations that are on them and the lifestyle that many have to live. Can you imagine your surgeon doing an operation on you with their two kids standing right there? How about your lawyer defending a court case with their three kids sitting there beside them at the witness table? How about your banker, trying to explain your investment portfolio to you with their two year old and six year old in their office? No, it would never happen. Yet pastors lead worship, teach, preach, and shake hands at the door every single week with their kids there, on display before the entire church. No one would think it odd if the banker's kids couldn't sit still in the room, or the doctor's kids said, "I'm hungry Dad. I don't want to stand here while you do this open heart surgery." But if the pastor's kid does the same, it's viewed differently. Probably the hardest thing for me in pastoring the first decade was the fact that people had no idea, I was doing so...taking my entire family to work. I don't think if the shoe were on the other foot most of them could ever do it. Some say, "well, I bring MY whole family to church each week. What's the difference?" First, you are not leading, necessarily. Second, you can leave when you need to. If your kids are tired, you just go. And you don't have to greet anybody on your way out. You just grab the kids and head out with not a care in the world. Third, you don't have several hundred eyes on you watching every move you make. But then again, unless you are one who actually has been through this as a minister, you are shaking your head right now going, "huh? going to WORK? What's she talking about?"

Most people don't even realize that Sunday is a work day for us. Not our only one by far, but one of them. Sunday is NOT our Sabbath and it is not restful by any means. Services are "work time" for us not just a celebration or a time to be refreshed by God. Some Moms never make it through "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" without going, "Geez, if I had to do this everyday, I'd never get anything done..." Next time, just remember your minister. They do that EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY.


My parents were in the ministry when I was growing up and so I understand being on display.It was rough. It has taken me a long time to realize that it caused me to be a people pleaser. I have fought this battle and I am winning.

I go to a small church. Our pastor gets involved with worship and he is charged after delivering the sermon.
I have been very involved with the service on Sunday with children's church an then during the week with women's ministry.
I understand the feeling of being tired after serving--but at the same time not everyone gets to experience what I experience when I feel the Spirit of the Lord come over me and speak through me.It is a charged feeling i would love for everyone to experience.
So I guess I can understand it from both sides.
I really appreciate my pastor. He has been there to hold us up in times of trouble just as we have been there for him and his wife --they are our good friends.
I appreciate your honesty and I pray that this week God blows your mind with the refreshing He brings to your spirit.
Thank you for serving the Lord.
Anonymous said…
My husband would definitely appreciate #10 having grown up as both a PK and a MK...
On another note, I noticed that you direct either your district or section (I absolutely loved working with my district and especially meeting all the pastor's wives from my section!!!!!)and write!!!!How did you get started with your writing and how did you find a publisher? I would love any info you have to offer :)
I am rep for my section and serve on the district task force. Plus do lots of speaking which I enjoy...

I've been writing my whole life. Can't remember a time when I haven't. As far as articles, you just look at different writers guidelines for each magazine and follow them and send them.

As far as books, it's the same thing. My dreams in book publishing have yet to come true. I have stories in "Chocolate for a Woman's Courage" published by Simon and Schuster but I have not been able to get my other book published yet. Still praying on this one and submitting, submitting, submitting. One thing that has helped me a lot is "Writers Market". It's a great resource. I would suggest you sign up for it (online) and everything you need to know is right there at your fingertips. It's sort of every writer's "Bible."

Blessings to you...

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